Captain Productivity

Things I have done this evening:

  • went grocery shopping
  • made dinner
  • made tomorrow’s lunch
  • made tomorrow’s dinner
  • unloaded the clean dishes from the dishwasher1
  • loaded the dirty dishes into the dishwasher2
  • tidied the kitchen
  • took out the garbage
  • sanitized the garbage can lid, which for some unknown reason had some delightful mould growing on it3
  • emailed my sister about this very important product that she totally needs to buy
  • prepared the recycling to be taken out in the morning4)
  • hung my diplomas5


  • downloaded and installed my scanner’s software/drivers6, though for some reason my computer can’t seen to find the scanner7
  • paid some bills
  • tidied the bathroom

And now I wrote this blog posting.  Far more productive than my usual evening… which consists of goofing off on the interwebs and then going “Holy crap!  How is it 11 p.m.??”

  1. Have I mentioned that I *love* having a dishwasher? []
  2. Love it long time []
  3. it’s a relatively new garbage can AND I took the garbage out last week, so I have no idea what I threw into the garbage that caused that. Come to think of it, I don’t want to know []
  4. Unlike the garbage, I can’t take the recycling out the night before garbage day because my landlord keeps the recycling bins in the garage and only brings them out in the morning on garbage day (whereas the garbage can, which has a lid and thus is impervious to the rain, can be left outside []
  5. I wanted to hang some pictures to, but I’m being indecisive about where to hang them. I don’t have enough art to fill up all the places that really need to have art and I feel like if I put up one picture in a given place, I might get other artwork and decide I need to put two small pictures in that place and then the hook will be in the wrong place!  Heaven forfend!!  Hmph. Spell check tells me “forfend” isn’t a word.  Also: “hmph” is not a word.  Screw you, spell check! []
  6. as I haven’t used my scanner since I got rid of my PC and have been solely using my Mac []
  7. It’s right there Chloe!  It’s plugged into you, for crying out loud! []

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