There’s Not An App For That

Where is the iPhone app that reads my thoughts and records blog posting ideas that I have while I’m running, driving, or otherwise unable to record them?  I always have lots of *brilliant* ideas in these situations, but by the time I get to a place where I could record them, they’re gone.

Case in point: I had at least four brilliant ideas during my run after work today and the only one I could remember by the time I sat down to write this was that I wish there were a mind-reading iPhone app for this1!

  1. your definition of “brilliant idea” and mine may vary []

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  • Does your iPhone not have some sort of VoiceNotes feature like my Blackberry does? I record reminders/brilliant ideas on there all the time!


  • @Courtney – I do have a voice recorder, but the problem with that is that there’s a law against using handheld devices while driving in British Columbia, so if I tried to open to my voice recorder app while driving, I could get a ticket. Or, you know, crash my car. Same with running – I don’t want to have to stop running and then stop my GPS app that tracks my run in order to record a voice note. Telepathy would just be so much more convenient!


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