Random Thoughts

Since I don’t seem capable of writing an entire cohrent blog posting of late, here are a bunch of random things that have been floating around in my brain lately:

  • When I moved, I had my Internet service changed from my old apartment to my new apartment.  The service was changed, but not the billing address – they kept sending the bill to the old place1.  Doesn’t it seem stupid for them to not just automatically change your billing address when they clearly know that you have moved??
  • When we were little, my dad used to make grilled cheese sandwiches using a waffle iron for my sister and me.  I miss those waffle-shaped sandwiches!
  • I don’t think I’ve yet mentioned this on here, but I recently joined a money group.  We talk about money stuff.  But that’s the most I can tell you, because the first rule of Money Group is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT MONEY GROUP!
  • Awesome (imho) advice that just popped out of my brain recently: “Just be yourself.  Trying to be someone else is too exhausting and no good will come of it.”
  • This weekend I’m going to a wedding on a boat.  Then next week I’m going to another social event on a boat. Motherfucker, on a boat.
  • The second boat event is in Victoria, where I’m going for a conference next week.  So expect to read many a blog posting next week about Victoria and about evaluation (the topic of the conference).  And boats.
  1. thankfully, I’d paid Canada Post to forward my mail and got the forwarding straightened out relatively quickly when they screwed it up and were sending me someone else’s mail []

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