Yet Another Reason For Me To Dislike Calgary

So, the car that we rented at the Calgary airport had a GPS in it.  The hilariously named “Hertz Never Lost” system.  Which got us lost both on the way to and the way back Kananaskis. Several times it told us to “stay left at the fork” when the was no fork,told us to take a “slight right” at what was in fact a 90 degree right turn and for much of the drive believed we were driving through a field.  When we returned the car we told the rental people about it and they said, “Were you on Stoney Creek Rd1?  Because the GPS system doesn’t recognize that road exists.”  Thanks for letting us know that *before* we left with your GPS system, asshats.

  1. or mabye it was Stoney Field Rd.  Stoney something, anyway []