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Facebook doesn’t understand Canadian politics

Facebook doesn't understand Canadian politics


212 against and 6 for

Darren tweeted this today and I though I’d share it here:

It’s a list of organizations and individuals who are for and against the government’s decision to scrap the mandatory long-form of the census. That’s 212 against the government1, and a mere 6 in favour. You don’t even need a statistician to tell you that this is a lot more people and groups that think it is a bad idea than think it a good idea.

  1. and I am pleased to report that two organizations to which I belong – the Canadian Evaluation Society and the Canadian Public Health Association – are on the “against” side []


(no title)

My mom called me tonight to tell me that a childhood friend of mine died. She saw the obituary in the local paper. I don’t even know what to say. I hadn’t seen Mary since high school until a few months ago, when I stayed over at her place on a trip to Vancouver Island, where she’d been living for the last five years or so.  We met in kindergarten and were pretty good friends – I used to sleep over at her place all the time and we played softball together.  We went to high school together as well, but traveled in different circles, so we drifted apart. It was really nice to re-connect with her a few months ago – she was the same generous, funny, and wise person as when we were kids (seriously, when I look back now, she was wise beyond her years).  We chatted on Facebook a few times after that and I really was not expecting to get that phone call today. I’m just stunned.  Only 33 years old. My heart goes out to her family – I can’t imagine what they must be going through.


Loophole In The Shoe Ban

I acquired a new pair of shoes today.  However, it wasn’t my fault AND I didn’t pay for them, so I am not contravention of 2010 new shoe ban, as the exact words of the ban were: “I’ve decided that I won’t buy any news shoes this year, except possibly running shoes if needed.” Hooray for loopholes!

Free Shoes!The give you the full story, one of my co-workers had a pair of shoes in her office that had been there for eons, but which she never wears.  She looked at my feet and said, “What size are you?” and when I said I was size 6, she said, “They’ll fit you!  You take them!”  I protested, but she insisted and who am I to argue with someone who is generously offering me something??  Also, in my defence (not that I’m totally rationalizing this or anything), I don’t actually have a pair of plain black flats1, so this is really like the only type of shoe that was missing from my vast, vast collection.

Also on the topic of my cheapness and rampant consumerism, I bought an adorable little top at a consignment store yesterday. I was meeting my friends Bryn & Patrice from my old work for dinner, but I was there a bit early2, so popped into a consignment store, which had tonnes of cute stuff, almost none of which fit me.  Except this top.  And it was only $10, and who am I to turn down an adorable $10 top?

Day 37

This is the first and only piece of animal print clothing I own.  I figure I’m far enough past my cougar phase that I can now pull this off.

  1. at least not since I left the pair I did have at Danielle’s place in Victoria []
  2. I always leave extra time in case there’s traffic when driving into Vancouver, but traffic was fine! []


Pay no attention to that mess behind the curtain

Ever since I moved into my new place, I’ve wanted room divider screens.  My living room is ridiculously massive, which means it also serves as my office space.  But who wants to look at their desk when they are chillaxin’ in their living room?  The solution, of course, is to have room dividers that can block out the desk when it’s not in use, but can easily move out of the way when I’m working.

Unfortunately, I had NO IDEA how freaking expensive room divider screens actually are.  Once I finally found some (it was surprisingly difficult to find any places that sold them), I was blown away to discover that a simple, 3-panel shoji screen runs $150-$200!  And given my massive living room and my massive desk, I’d need two of the 3-panels.  A few hundred bucks for some pieces of wood and rice paper?  I don’t think so!

I’ve had my eye on Craig’s List for a while, but no luck.  And then I noticed that a little store around the corner from Tod’s had a big “going out of business sale!” sign and a bunch of room dividers in the window!  The had the shoji-style screens for only $80, but they also had these metal and fabric guys:

Room Divider

for only $40, or two for $70!  The usual price on these were $100 each, so I was pretty happy to walk away with all the room dividing goodness that I need for only $70!

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How To Look “Natural” In Just 45 Minutes!

So the other day I was at the drug store and there was a woman doing free makeovers and she seemed pretty bored because the store was practically empty, so when she offered me a makeup, I figured “why not?” because (a) I’m bored and have nothing better to do and (b) maybe I’ll learn some good makeup tricks.  What I learned, however, was that in order to look “natural” it takes 45 minutes and 50 lbs of makeup.  Seriously, she used 15 products on me in her attempt to just “brighten up” my face and make me look “natural.”  Products included:

  1. make-up remover – to take off the little bit of foundation I had on
  2. toner – apparently supposed to help exfoliate your flaky skin
  3. moisturizer – to, uh, moisturize
  4. Jesus serum – I call it that because it’s supposed to reincarnate the cells on your face, which will apparently get rid of the sun damage on my forehead, even out my horrible blotchy skin, and wash away the sins of humanity
  5. eye cream – to minimize my old lady wrinkles
  6. concealer – to, uh, conceal; apparently the fact that you can see blood vessels in my eyelids due to my fair skin (and which I’ve never, ever thought problematic) is hideous and must be concealed. The concealer was also supposed to cover up the dark circles under my eyes, but in reality just revealed all sorts of fine lines that I didn’t even know were there. Awesome.
  7. foundation – to even out my skin and cover up the sun damage on my forehead
  8. powder – to “seal in” the foundation
  9. So far, we’ve used eight products just to get ready to put the makeup on.

  10. eyeshadow – brown and light brown to, uh, make my eyes look shadowy
  11. eyeliner – to, uh, line the eyes.  She even lined under my lash line, which felt really weird!
  12. mascara – the make-up lady kept complimenting my eyelashes, so points for her.
  13. lip liner – which she used to not just line my lips, but to colour them in. And to draw them bigger than they actually are, since I have such thin lips
  14. lip gloss – which she used to blend in the lip liner colour
  15. blush – to highlight the cheekbones
  16. bronzer – to finish it all off

The whole process took about 45 minutes, though that did include her stopping to explain things to me.  She told me that on days that she “doesn’t want to wear makeup” she can do her makeup in just 15 minutes – which would be using items 1-8 and a bit of 13.  “I know some people say they don’t have the time,” she said, “but don’t you always want to look your best?”  But to me, 15 minutes seems like an eternity – I can do full makeup in about 7 minutes1. Anyway, at the end of it all, my face felt like I had a tonne of makeup on it, though I did think it looked “natural”:

Day 33

  1. I only know this because my mom sent me a kit from Cargo cosmetics called something like “the 7 minute makeup kit,” which, of course, prompted me to time how long it takes to put on my makeup.  It took me 5 minutes, but that didn’t include moisturizing & eye cream []


BC Premier #26: Bill Bennett

Name William (a.k.a. Bill) Richards Bennett
Born: August 18, 1932 – or possible 14th, depending on if you believe Wikipedia or the CBC Digital Archives –  in Kelowna, BC
Died: hasn’t
Party: Social Credit Party
Held Office: December 22, 1975 – August 6, 1986
  • Bill is the son of Wacky.  So it’s sort of the like the George Bush Sr. and Jr. thing except, as far as I know, the Bennett’s never invaded any other countries. As far as I know.
  • was a businessman and real estate investor
  • Sept 1973: elected as the MLA for the South Okanagan riding
  • Nov 1973: elected as leader of the SoCreds
  • 1975: became premier when the SoCreds knocked the NDP out of power (Bennett had refused to engage in a TV debate with Barrett during this election); re-elected in 1979 and 1983.
  • he “slashed social services  and gutted labour laws”, and ran TV ads that called people who disagreed with him “Bad British Columbians.” (Wikipedia)
  • he spent a shit-ton of money, however, building the Coquihalla highway and bringing Expo ’86 to Vancouver
  • 1996: convicted of insider trader.
  • 2007: received the Order of BC.

In summary, being convicted of insider trading does not preclude one from being awarded the Order of BC.  You know, in case you were planning on doing both of those things.

Image credits: There don’t appear to be any freely available photos of BB anywhere on the world wide interwebs! b00-urns!



My Sista From Another Prime Minista

Today I finally got to meet my long-lost British twin!  I mean, sure we don’t look anything alike and were born a month apart1 on separate continents, but I can think of no other explanation for our similarities than the separated-at-birth theory. We are both scientists who chose to get out of the vortex that is the tenure track, are bloggers, are Douglas Adams’ fans, are obsessed with the Canucks,  and do crazy tests of endurance.  For further proof of our similarities, see here and here, and here and here.  We met via a mutual friend via our blogs… I believe it was something like, “Hey Beth/Cath, you should check out Cath’s/Beth’s blog!”  And we’ve been reading each other’s blogs for so long now that I totally feel like I know her, but today was the first time we met in person.  Super fun to have coffee with you today, Cath!

  1. I looked up her birthday on Facebook! []


Happy Graduation Madeline!

M's K grad

Today my niece graduated from kindergarten!

Happy graduation, kiddo!  Hope you have an awesome summer holiday and a wonderful time in grade one come September.



I have a confession to make. Big Brother is my guilty pleasure of the summer. I know, I know, I’m usually all holier-than-thou-I-don’t-even-*have*-a-TV, but yet I watch the silliest of all “reality” TV shows.1. Anyway, for the uninitiated, BB involves a bunch of hot strangers with little clothing on (referred to as “houseguests”) who hang around a house full of TV cameras and microphones, competing in cheesy games a couple of times per week to be “Head of Household” or get the “Power of Veto” and once a week they get to vote someone off the Island out of the house. The rest of the time, they are locked in this house with no contact with anyone else – no contact with family, friends, and for the love of the FSM, no Internets. The show is on three times a week (basically showing the competitions, voting and a few highlights of life in the house), but for the low, low price of $40, you can subscribe via the intertubes to a 24 hour a day feed of what’s going on in the BB house.

This conversation may or may not have happened yesterday, while the live feed was showing the houseguests just lounging around talking about… well, I don’t even remember what it was… something very boring, anyway:

Person #1: Oh my god, they are so bored.

Person #2: And we paid money to watch it!

  1. Of course, I have confessed my Young & The Restless habit, so this new revelation shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise []