Not To Be Trusted With Nylons

This was me by the end of the workday today1:

Day 298

I am all class.

Update #1: Almost immediately upon uploading this photo to Flickr, some random emailed me to hit on me. True story.

  1. Note that my skirt isn’t actually that short – I just hiked it up for the photo to demonstrate the extent of my nylon carnage []

9 Replies to “Not To Be Trusted With Nylons”

  1. It *is* steamed shirt! Good eye, Sarah! It does look a bit wrinkly, but that was after wearing it all day. And thanks for the offer, but I’ll just make Kim take me to Costco here!

  2. Your nylons look like they’ve been ravaged by a pack of wild badgers. Or perhaps got caught in the crossfire of an angry leprechaun war.

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