Not To Be Trusted With Knives

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Not To Be Trusted With Nylons

This was me by the end of the workday today1:

Day 298

I am all class.

Update #1: Almost immediately upon uploading this photo to Flickr, some random emailed me to hit on me. True story.

  1. Note that my skirt isn’t actually that short – I just hiked it up for the photo to demonstrate the extent of my nylon carnage []

9 Responses to Not To Be Trusted With Nylons

  1. Tod says:

    Um… 8-D

  2. I destroy them, too. Do you need me to buy more size A for you?

    Also – is that one of your steamed shirts?

  3. Beth says:

    It *is* steamed shirt! Good eye, Sarah! It does look a bit wrinkly, but that was after wearing it all day. And thanks for the offer, but I’ll just make Kim take me to Costco here!

  4. Courtney-O says:

    Love it! LOL

  5. Erika says:

    That just made my day.

  6. Beth says:

    Erika, somehow I picture this being what happens to you every time you wear nylons.

  7. Dan says:

    Your nylons look like they’ve been ravaged by a pack of wild badgers. Or perhaps got caught in the crossfire of an angry leprechaun war.

  8. Beth says:

    It was totally the result of an angry Leprechaun war. Don’t tell Rick.

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