Four Day Weekend

Man, I love Vancouver when it’s sunny out! I mean, I love Vancouver all the time1, but when it’s sunny it is 27 times as awesome! And when its sunny on a holiday, I’m in heaven! Unlike a typical Friday, which I’d spend in my windowless office, hoping that someone will have found an excuse to bring in cake for afternoon break2, I spent today eating brunch, walking along the seawall in Yaletown, and then doing some window shopping along Robson. Despite the crowds of slow-walkers, it was pretty awesome.

Tomorrow night I’m going to see Tokyo Police Club at The Commodore, thanks to a contest that I entered on! And not only do we get to see the concert, but we also get to go to the sound check party! You know you are jealous.

I’m also sure I’ll throw a few runs in there3 and, unfortunately, I need to actually do some work4. Though working on awesome creative stuff in a coffee shop on a sunny day is not so bad, really.

I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend!

  1. Yes, even in the rain! []
  2. Which, honestly, happens about every other Friday. I don’t actually take coffee breaks unless there is free cake. []
  3. I think my long run this weekend needs to be 12 km. My least favourite number of kms []
  4. as I have a grant application due May 3rd that’s not going to write itself. Plus I need to do some work on my super secret project that I can’t tell you about because then I’d have to kill you []

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