Looks Like I Can Add “Blogging Conference Panelist” To My CV

nv-left.pngSo, it looks like I’ll be at panelist at this year’s Northern Voice conference. After three years of attending1, I’ve finally decided to actually take part in one of the sessions. But it’s not related to NTBTWK – rather, I’m on a panel of science bloggers in a session called “The Naked Truth: Canadian Science Blogging Scene” based on my blogging over at my science nerd blog. My fellow panelists for this session are:

and the panel will be moderated by Lisa Johnson of the CBC.

So if you are going to be at Northern Voice this year, be sure to come and check us out!

  1. Out of the last four years. I didn’t attend in 2009 as I had bucket loads of work that I had to get done, but I was working at the UBC campus, where the conference is held, so I kind of felt like I was there []

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