My Hotel Room

Perhaps this is just a sign that I don’t get out much, but boy do I love hotel rooms. Of course, the best part of hotels, imho, is the hot tub, but I like the room part too.

Here’s a little tour of my hotel room in Ottawa  for the next couple of days. (You’ll have to excuse the crappy photos – the batteries in my camera died, so I had to use the craptastic excuse for a camera on my iPhone, a lowly iPhone 3GS!)

First off, instead of key cards, this hotel uses keys instead of key cards, which I haven’t seen for ages in a hotel1!

Hotel keys

Granted, if you look closely, it’s actually a programmable key – so basically, the shaft2 of the key has magnetic stripes that they program for your room. Essentially, it’s a key card that looks like a key. But it looks like a key!

Bedroom and living room – pretty comfy:


living eoom

Cute little kitchen – not that I’ll be using it beyond the fridge-as-Diet-Pepsi-storage-area – but I can see how this would be handy if one were here for a more extended stay:


The room is rather lacking for workspace, as there’s no desk to work at. There’s this little side table to put stuff on:

side table

And here’s the table that I’m working at – definitely not ergonomically set up!


The bathroom is pretty standard:


Though this “luxury vanity kit” made me laugh:

"Luxury" vanity kit

Its contents:

"Luxury" vanity kit is really not so luxurious

Three cotton balls and two Q-tips.

I think their definition of “luxury” and mine differ!

And speaking of luxury, I’m off to the hot tub!

  1. When I mentioned the keys to one of the other workshop participants, she said it made her feel like she was supposed to throw them into a bowl at a party to see who she’d end up going home with! []
  2. Is that the right word here? If not, let’s just saying I’m using that word for it hilarity. []

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