Things I would have tweeted if my plane had the Internets

I has all the seats: 20111108-164017.jpg

Flight attendant just rattled off all the juices they have and when she said “Clamato,” I was reminder that I’ve never had a Caesar. #theUnvegetarian #TweetsTheAmericansWouldntUnderstand

I bet I can convince my men to have a Caesar with me.

It’s weird to be going to Ottawa and not seeing @smacdo03 and @touchyoulast

Guy in the next row is asking for medical assistance. Glad my plane ticket doesn’t say “Dr.” Beth this time!

So stiff. That hotel hot tub has my name written all over it!

Why do they always turn on the seatbelt sign right when I have to pee?

My gawd, it’s so flat here.

2 Replies to “Things I would have tweeted if my plane had the Internets”

    1. Ah yes, good ole Developmental Evaluation. It’s the big thing in the world of program evaluation right now (basically complexity science brought to program evaluation), but it sure doesn’t have a very exciting name!

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