Send Me Your Chicken!

Someone1 tweeted about this odd promotion by Aeroplan where you email them a picture of a chicken and they will give money to Veterinarians Without Borders:

“Aeroplan will donate $5 to [Veterinarians Without Borders] for each photo or drawing submission we receive of a chicken.  Money raised will help purchase 600 chickens to give to three villages in Laos including  Palai and Dounien.  ($5 purchases 1 chicken)  To enter, please send your drawing or photo to: csr.aeroplan (at) between November 1st and 30th.”

Since I didn’t have any chickens handy to photograph, I decided to draw one. Also, I’m a terrible artist, but the rules did not say it had to be a *good* picture of a chicken. So I sent them this:


And now, dear readers, I’m challenging you too to send in a picture of a chicken to Aeroplan so that they’ll give more money to VWB. And then you should send me the picture too and I’ll add it to this blog posting. Because you know you can’t resist all the fame and glory that comes with having your chicken picture on my blog!

  1. I totally don’t remember who it was, so my apologies for not giving credit where credit is due! []

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