You Can Take the Academic Out of The Academy….

As I mentioned a little while ago, last week and this week at work are jammed packed.  I have so many meetings that my meetings have meetings! Happily, though, I’m in the home stretch –  only two more workdays in 2011! The lion’s share of the webinars/meetings/workshops are done too – I have one meeting tomorrow (plus a Christmas lunch with my boss and a few colleagues) and a teleconference on Friday, but other than that, I have scheduled myself some time to finish up a bunch of tasks I need to get accomplished before I’m away from work for two weeks. And hopefully clean off my desk. I love coming back from holidays – and especially starting a new year – to a tidy workspace.

I’m also noting that I appear to slipping back into my academic ways. I noticed it when I realized that my two meetings today were to work on research grant applications. Yes, I said “research grant applications.” In addition to the research grant I received this year, I’m currently working on two more research grant applications (one due January 13, the other due February 15)1 and one manuscript for submission to an academic journal2. Also, I’ve applied to get a practicum student to work on my research project over the summer and am talking with my R.A. about applying for another grant for an event we’ll need to be hosting for another project. Oh yeah, and then there’s the whole going back to school thing.

In my defence, however, there is an upcoming conference that I’ve been very tempted to apply to present at, but am resisting the urge as I know that my workload is already too much. I had pretty much convinced myself that it would be crazy to apply and then got re-tempted when (a) they extended the deadline for abstract submission from mid-December to January 15 and (b) they posted an application for students to get awards to attend the conference And I realized – hey, I’ll be able to take advantage of such student-based incentives, what with being a student at all! It would be a fabulous conference to go to *and* it’s being held in one of the two provinces I have not yet been to, which would give me an excuse to knock that province off my list of provinces I need to go to. But so far I’m managing to hold strong on not adding one more piece of academic-like work to my crazy workload!

For now, I’m just going to concentrate on… two more days! two more days!

  1. Happily, I am not the main writer for either one and have a great team of colleagues on both projects! []
  2. With an idea for another journal article to write as soon as I’m done this first one! []

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