Two Weeks

That’s how much time I have left until I’m off for the holidays. Ten business days. And in those ten business days, I have:

  • four teleconferences
  • two webinars
  • a 1.5 day workshop
  • 18 hours of meetings
  • and I have to go to Vancouver three times1.
I also have two Christmas parties to go to, one of which requires me to make a super fancy cake to bring. OK, it’s not actually a requirement, but since I made my famous chocolate amaretto cheesecake for last year’s party, I feel the need to make something spectacular in order to keep up my reputation.
Needless to say, I’m *very* glad I decided to take the last two weeks of December off. I figured it would be a good idea given that school starts up in January and I’m going to need to be well rested and very organized for that, so a couple of weeks of not having to go to work were just what the doctor ordered. I’m looking forward to lots of sleeping in and unburying my desk at home from the piles of papers that are begging to be filed. I also plan to hit up some hot yogas classes and a day of skiing! w00t!
  1. Happily, my friend Lianna is letting me stay over at her place one of those days since I have to be there two days in a row, which saves me driving all the way back to Surrey at the end of one day only to have to drive all the way back to Vancouver the next morning []

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