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As I’m sure you know, I’m a coffee-holic. So I thought I’d share the follow two coffee tidbits with you.

First, ThinkGeek has a grown-your-own-coffee-plant kit! Seriously, it comes with everything you need to grow coffee plants on your window sill. How cool would it be to drink coffee that you grew yourself? Sadly, they don’t ship this product outside of the U.S. =(

Second, did you know that people drink coffee made out of cat poo? True story. Apparently coffee berries get wonderfully fermented while traveling down the digestive tract of civet cats and then people pick the coffee beans out of their poo and roast it and then charge a crazy amount of money for this coffee. Did I mentioned that this coffee is made from pooed out coffee beans? I think I’ll stick to my regular feces-free coffee, thank you very much.

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