Good-bye Pratt, Hello Berk

There’s someone that I’ve been seeing entirely too much of lately. His name is Pratt and he’s been consuming my days and even guest starring in my dreams1:

Me & Pratt


Had my first exam of the MBA program this past weekend: accounting. Now, I do have to say that while accounting is not my favourite subject in this program, I have actually liked it *a lot* more than I thought I would. I can now pick up the financial statements of a company and have an idea what they mean and roughly what shape the company is in. I can do a cost-volume-profit analysis and tell you how many widgets you’d have to sell to break even. I can even tell you why a company being “profitable” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are doing well. Not bad for a girl who didn’t know the difference between a stock and bond before she started this program2

cost-volume-profit whiteboard

What, you don’t have CVP formulae on the whiteboard in your living room?

Now that the accounting exam is over, however, I think I’m done with you, Pratt3. I’m moving on to the new love my life: Berk, Demarzo, & Stangeland. I foresee a lot of intense, long nights with you in my arms!

Me & Berk

  1. Well, technically it wasn’t Pratt per se in my dreams, but I did have a few accounting-related nightmares in the last few weeks. True story. []
  2. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that and I’m really hoping that none of my classmate are reading this posting! With any luck, they all have far too much homework to do to be checking out my nonsense! []
  3. Well, I’m done with you until the Core Program integrated final exam in the fall. And the post-core Accounting modules. Then I’ll come crawling back! []

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