101 Check In

Time for a check in on how I’m doing on ye ole 101 more things to do in the next 1001 days list. Since my last check in, I’ve managed to knock a grand total of one thing off my list. But it was a big one!

1. Paid off my students loans!

Done and done! But this reminds me – I’ve been meaning to write a blog posting summarizing how much it costs me – complete with pretty graphs, of course!

Other ones that I didn’t actually finish, but about which I have something to say:

2. host a lavish “I Paid Off My Student Loans” party

I’ve become ambivalent about this one. Before I paid off my student loans, I would dream of a lavish party with all my friends from far and wide, celebrating the momentous occasion of getting the $72K monkey off my back. But now that it’s been paid off – I’m just no longer motivated to throw such a gala. It feels so… anticlimactic. Devon and I are talking about throwing an espresso martini party – perhaps that will be lavish enough to count for this one? Perhaps I will even bake a cake!

20. host a dinner party

I haven’t hosted a sit down dinner party as of yet, but we did have a housewarming party. And people ate things. So I’m halfway there, right?

23. go skydiving

There are perfectly good planes I could be throwing myself out of, so why the hell haven’t I done this yet??

25. bake at least one thing per month for 12 months in a row, without baking the same thing two months in a row

I made a valiant effort to start on this one in Oct 2011, but broke my streak in February (because February was horrible). I re-started in March, but got tripped up by my oh-so-busy June. Currently, I have a 1 month streak going.

50. run a sub-2 hour half marathon

Given how my current training is going (i.e., I. Am. Slow.), I’m not holding out much hope that the Victoria marathon in October will be the face where I crack this one.

91. run in a zombie obstacle course race

Registered and ready to go!


At this rate, it’s going to take me 1,000,001 days to complete my list!

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