I’m on a Boat!

I’m on a super ferry! Super ferries are like regular ferries, only more super. One of the things that makes them so super is that they have wifi! Squee! Of course, now that I’m on the super ferry with its super wifi, I realize that I don’t have a heck of a lot to blog about!

Since our epic tackling of Mount Baldy, we’ve been enjoying some R&R. Mostly just relaxing and hanging out – and I’ve been doing a bunch of school-related reading1. I’m at the point that I’m sufficiently freaked out by the amount of homework I have to complete before September, so I’ve done a fair bit of reading over the last few days2. The extremely hot weather3 has leant itself to a lot of sitting on patios reading, as it’s a bit too hot to do anything too strenuous4. And seriously, who doesn’t love sitting on patios enjoying the sunshine and a fine beverage?

Right now, we are heading back to the mainland, where we will crash at home for the night, and then head up to the Okanagan. The plan for the Okanagan is lots of swimming, hiking, visiting wineries, and playing with Devon’s wee niece. With any luck, we’ll spot Ogopogo – or at least get some Ogopogo’s Lair!

  1. Which I’m interspersing with some non-school related reading when I get bored with reading macroeconomics… which is to say, fairly often []
  2. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time on my stats assignment. Since I *teach* stats, I guess I’m very paranoid of getting anything less than 100% on the assignments, so I’m double, triple, and quadruple checking my work, because I don’t want to make a silly mistake by being complacent! []
  3. By BC coast standards, anything above 27 degrees Celsius is considered scorching. []
  4. We considered hiking Mount Finlayson, but the very hot weather, combined with my achy legs from Baldy made us decide to leave Finlayson for another trip. But make no mistake Finlayson, I’ll be back for you!! []

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