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    Content Warning: This post contains disturbing information. Support is available, including: Indian Residential School Survivors Society Toll-Free Line: 1-800-721-0066 24hr National Crisis Line: 1-866-925-4419 KUU-US Crisis Line: 1-800-588-8717 Tsow-Tun-Le Lum: 1-866-925-4419 When I was a little kid, my parents never worried that the police would come and take me away and make me go to […]

  • Farewell, Sweet Lake Monster

    So I’m pretty sad that the city of Kelowna smashed up the Ogopogo statue. I first met the illustrious Ogopogo on my first trip to Kelowna, when I went there with a band of travelling scientists. True story.  Me and a band of traveling scientists, sitting on a lake monster. As one does. Whenever I […]

  • Vote early, vote often!

    OK, maybe just vote early. It’s municipal election time here in BC (as it is in some other places in the country) and while election day isn’t until Oct 20, I’m going to be in the far away land of Scotland on some well-earned holidays on that day1, so I exercised my right to vote […]

  • Cabin in the Woods

    So speaking of being on holidays, Scott and I decided to spend a few days of our holidays on the Sunshine Coast. Neither of us have been before and we kept hearing how lovely it is, so decided to check it out. Scott had a CPA exam today, so after he finished that we headed […]

  • Donations

    My charitable giving “strategy” has typically been to wait until one of my friends is doing a fundraiser, or someone passes away and the family suggests a donation in their memory, and then to donate to those. I do have a few charities that I give to at least once a year without prompting from […]

  • Stuff I’m Learning This Year: Politics edition

    I started this posting ages ago, but haven’t gotten around to finishing it until now. So it’s pretty old news at this point, but I am posting it as part of my chronicling of the stuff I’m learning this year. #YouHeardItHereLast So eighty billion years ago, we had a provincial election in BC. Politics in […]

  • Road Trip

    Scott and I went on a road trip1. He had met my mom and sister when they were here in May and now it was my turn to meet his family. Our two main destinations were Red Deer, where his mom lives, and Kelowna, where his dad lives. On the way there, we went through […]

  • Welcome to the World, My New Passport – I Have Big Plans for You!

    My new passport surprised me by arriving 12 days before its expected due date. It’s a 10-year passport, which means it’s got lots of pages (which I’m eager to fill up with stamps!). The pages are fancier than my previous passport1, which all contained a big maple leaf with a bunch of little maple leaves2 […]

  • Things I Did On My Long Weekend, in No Particular Order

    attended a Canada Day event at the Gallery in Queen’s Park as part of board of the Arts Council of New Westminster watched some horses running around a track did not bet on said horses but did enjoy a dinner paid for with the winnings of someone who did bet on said horses1 enjoyed some […]

  • Dear My Old Passport

    Dear My Old Passport You came into my life just over five years ago and I promised to take you to all sorts of wondrous places. And while I didn’t take you to most of the places on the list of places I said I would like to take you, I took you to a bunch of other […]

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