Bake It!

Along with forgetting to exercise every day after I set a goal of exercising every day, I’ve been abyssmal at my 101 things to do in 1001 days goal of:

  • bake at least one thing per month for 12 months in a row, without baking the same thing two months in a row

It was on my original 101 list, but I’d always go a few months where I baked something (or several things) and then somehow 31 days would go by where I would forget to bake anything at all. I added it to my second 101 list and got a few months in a row done, but then forgot it again. So I’ve decided that I’m going to use the magical power of scheduling things in to get this baking-related monkey off my back! The first time I bake something in a given month, I will then proceed to schedule into my calendar a day to bake something the next month. For instance, today I baked this delicious peach cobbler1 because it is peach season and I could not pass up the tempting peach smells when I went to the farm market today:

Peach Cobbler

And since September is now taken care of, I looked at my calendar for October and booked in October 13 as a day to bake something2. This of course would not preclude me baking something on another day, but if I did, I could just take the October 13th booking out of my calendar and set one for November. Easy peasey.

Now, I baked something in July (corn muffins) and something in August (chocolate chip cookies), and now my delicious peach cobbler in September so I’m already 1/4 of the way done! Given my new plan of actually *planning* to get this challenge done, I think I might actually be able to, you know, get this challenge done.

  1. Recipe is here. []
  2. Related: Holy crap, October is going to be a *killer* month! Gah! []

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