Prioritize It!

I am spending the next 3 days at Priorities 2012, the biennial conference of the International Society on Priorities in Health Care (ISPHC).

From the conference website:

The International Society on Priorities in Health Care was formed in 1996 to strengthen the theory and practice of priority setting in health care. It provides the leading international forum in which health researchers, clinicians and managers involved in priority setting come together to exchange ideas and experiences. We are proud to bring the Society’s 9th world congress to Vancouver this year.

The theme for Priorities 2012 is “Partnerships for Improving Health Systems” which will examine the interface between researchers, clinicians and managers, and how these key stakeholders can best work together to improve our health systems. The conference is a true international forum with strong participation from stakeholders from low- , middle- and high-income countries.

I’m super excited because this is a chance to meet people from all around the world who are working on similar things to what I do and to learn about some of the ground breaking work that is being done. I also foresee there being connections between what I’m learning in school and what I do for a living1. I always find I come away from conferences chalk full of new ideas and totally re-energized about my work.

If you are interested in the goings on at the conference, you can follow the tweets at #priorities2012!

  1. I have being making lots of connections already, but I feel like this conference will take it up to a whole new level! []

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