Another Frog Bites the Dust =(

We first noticed Torpedo1 was missing one day at feeding time. It’s not uncommon to not be able to see  one or more of the frogs during the day – sometimes all 4 of them hide in the castle at the same time and you’d swear there are no frogs in the tank at all. But at feeding time, we tap the tank and they usually all come swimming out to get their dinner. But not this day. On this day, there were only 3 of 4 frogs accounted for.  Removing the castle from the tank to make sure she wasn’t hiding inside said castle confirmed our fears – Torpedo was gone!

And here’s the thing – we cannot find that damn frog for love nor money. Aquatic frogs cannot survive outside of water for more than about 20 minutes, so she is missing and presumed very dead. But where could her body be? We’ve looked all over the apartment – which isn’t that big – looking under every piece of furniture and in every nook and cranny of the place, but to no avail.

In an effort to avoid any more frogs going missing, we’ve made sure that the saran wrap we have on the tank has even less open space than before – we honestly thought the space we’d left to make sure the frogs got air was too small for them to jump through, but clearly we were mistaken.

Given that we’ve now lost 2 froggies – and none of our frog eggs hatched – I’m pretty sure I’m the worst frog owner in the history of frog ownership. =(

Frogs Copernicus
  1. At least we think it’s Torpedo who is missing. I usually distinguish Torpedo from the other frogs because she’s the biggest one, but without her being there next to the other frogs to compare, it’s hard to be sure. []

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