Long Weekends Give You 50% More Weekend!

Why can’t every weekend be a long weekend?

This weekend was so freaking wonderful. I mean, there weren’t any crazy awesome adventures, or really even any hijinks, and barely any shenanigans. But there was sleeping in – a big plus to any weekend, in my humble opinion1 – and there was a nice combination of relaxation and getting shit done.

Friday night I did a whole lot of nothing. It was awesome.

Saturday I ran 18 km with Alicia, followed by brunch. We planned our route such that we ended up at the Tap & Barrel, where a couple of other friends also planned their run to finish2. Alicia’s hubby met us there with their kids, and good brunch times were had by all. After that I had to go home, quickly shower and get ready to head back to Vancouver for Kalev’s birthday bash3,4, which consisted of seeing the new Star Trek movie5, dinner at Banana Leaf, drinks at Craig’s, then clubbing at Junction. And here’s the awesome present that I got for Kalev:


In the box is a mug with a bunch of famous gay people on it, but you only see them when there’s hot liquid in the mug. Without hot liquid, you just see a bunch of closet doors.


*Extra* old.

He seemed to really like the mug, but didn’t seem overly impressed with the “Extra Old” rum6,7.

Sunday was a day of homework. Because I had two papers due on Sunday, plus a bunch of other homework that I had to work on. I also watched the Penguins-Senators game because apparently hockey is still happening8. It was quite an exciting game, despite it being low scoring. The goaltenders were both outstanding9.

Today, after a glorious sleep-in, I had some pancakes for breakfast, then went out for a run along the pier, where I was chased by zombies. And then I got a whole bunch of domestic shit done – groceries and laundry and meal planning and picking my outfits for this week10, AND, mostly importantly, I finally got around to moving most of my office stuff from my living room to my spare room, which is now my office11. It’s not totally set up yet – I’ll take some photos once it is – but my desk, filing cabinets and bookshelf are all in the right places12 and I’m sitting at my desk typing this. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

And now, alas, the weekend has come to an end. But this week is looking like it will be a good one – it’s only 4 days long13, I have a massage appointment after work tomorrow AND then I get my new teeth on Wednesday! And there are some interesting meetings to be attended and interesting projects that I’m working on, so I think it will be a good week. And now I am off to hit the hay!

  1. Something I don’t get nearly as much as I like these days! In fact, for the next month the only weekend I’m not in class is the weekend that I’m going to the Island to run the half marathon, so I’ll have to get up early on the Saturday to catch the ferry and then early on Sunday to run the race. It’s madness, I tells ya. Madness! []
  2. They are training for the Scotiabank half marathon, which is a few weeks after the one that Alicia & I are running, so they had to run a 14 km today rather than an 18 km. []
  3. Even though Kalev’s birthday isn’t for another 8 days, he celebrated it this weekend ‘cuz I’m not available for the next one billion weekends. []
  4. The ample Skytrain riding that day gave me lots of time to do some homework. Hooray for multitasking. []
  5. My movie review: I liked how lots of stuff blew up. Yay! []
  6. I make myself LOL! []
  7. Kalev’s ample rum supply, almost half of which appears to have come from me, has prompted talk of a rum-based party. And my half birthday is coming up soon. So stay tuned for that! []
  8. Who knew? []
  9. In related news, I totally have a crush on PJ Stock. []
  10. #mayehalth ftw! []
  11. It used to a guest bedroom/Devon’s office, and my “office” was the back of the living room. The living room gets a lot more sunlight, but it’s nice to have a separate space for work, where I can shut the door on my work when I don’t want to think about it. []
  12. Plus, I figured out which outlet the wall switch controls in this room, so now I plugged the floor lamp into that outlet and can now turn the light on much more easily than before. Hooary! []
  13. Well, except for the fact that I have school all weekend, and then work all the next week and then school *again* the following weekend, so it’s a 13-day week for me. Crap. []

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