Frog Prince

My friend Heather1 gave me a very thoughtful present – a frog that turns into a prince2!

Frog to Prince!

Isn’t this a cute little frog?


Part of me didn’t want to turn him into a prince – I kind of liked him as a frog! But I couldn’t resist seeing the science happen, so I followed the handy dandy turn-your-frog-into-a-prince instructions:

Frog to Prince - instructions

Of course, we all know that what really turns a frog into a prince is a kiss, so I made sure that I did that first:

Kissing a frog

The instructions said that you just needed to add water and in a “few minutes” your prince would turn into a frog. And I figured that I should record this event for posterity and science. Of course, what the instructions *don’t* tell you is that by “a few minutes” they actually mean *42* minutes. What follows are 42 mins worth of video, most of which is just a frog with bubbles coming out of it. At one point an eyeball falls off and then many minutes later another eyeball falls off. Then more bubbling for ages and ages until finally there is a prince. I highly recommend not watching these videos, unless you are suffering from insomnia and are looking for a cure.

The funny thing is, I posted these videos several days ago, when I turned my frog into a prince, with the intention of blogging about how they are unwatchable. But then a few people – who I assume must just follow my YouTube “channel”3 actually watched them and then were all like “omg, that was boring” or “you need to learn to edit!” So, apologies those folks!

Eventually I did get my little prince:

Little prince

And, just like the instructions said, over the next couple of days, he grew to be a bigger prince:

My Prince!

Who now sits on my mantle, near my frogs. It’s like the circle of life!

Thanks for my frog prince, Heather!

  1. Who happens to read all my footnotes, just like Martha and Loren! And Kalev too! []
  2. Which, of course, is a pretty darn good present for a frog lover who is looking for a prince! []
  3. Where by “channel” I mean, the place on YouTube where I post the biannual video that I actually bother taking, usually of something extremely boring. []

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