Museums of London and Dublin

I think of all the museums I visited on my holidays, I liked the British Museum the most. I got to see the freaking Rosetta Stone!


And this awesome scarab:


A smaller version of which my aunt bought for me:


I think I’ll make it into a necklace.

We also went to the Victoria & Albert Museum1:


and to the National Gallery in London, which were both pretty awesome.


I especially liked this giant blue rooster outside the gallery in Trafalgar Square2:


I just googled it and appeared it is called ““Hahn/Cock” and was only installed about a week before we got there!

We got there a bit late in the day, so didn’t have a tonne of time to look at everything before it closed, but I did get to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Virgin of the Rocks, which was pretty awesome. We couldn’t take photos in these museums, so you’ll just have to go there yourself if you want to see the awesomeness.

The museums we went to in Ireland, however, were not nearly as exciting. The National Gallery in Dublin seemed to have about four rooms of painting and sculptures by people I’ve never heard of:


And the Natural History Museum in Dublin was a giant room of taxidermic animals3:


Though this giant basking shark is pretty kickass:


As is this skeleton of a giant Irish deer:


In their defence, it looked like both of these museums were undergoing renovations, and I think a bunch of their exhibits were inaccessible because of this.

Also, there was so much awesomeness all over Ireland that I don’t want to give you the impression that Ireland does not rock, just based on these two museums. The awesomeness of Ireland shall be the subject of a whole slew of upcoming blog postings.

  1. We were going to go to the Natural History Museum too, but the line up was hours long and we figured we’d rather spend that time seeing stuff than waiting in line. Because it’s not like there’s a shortage of stuff to see in London! []
  2. Which you may recall from this posting that I posted earlier today []
  3. I thought that they were called “taxidermied animals, but my spell check said it should be “taxidermic” and Merriam-Webster agreed. But spell check says that both “Merriam” and “Webster” are not words, so now I just give up. []

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