Milestones and Goals

On Saturday, I went out for a 14 km run and, in doing so, tracked my 300th activity since I started using Runkeeper on on July 2, 2010.

300 activities

In this time, I’ve covered a total of 2,446 km1 in 275.5 hrs2.

I also happened to hit the 75% mark on my goal of running 800 km this year. Unfortunately, we are 78% of the way through the year, so I’m still chasing that goal, but it’s within reach if I really try!

This got me thinking about my other goals for 2014, which I haven’t checked in on in awhile, so I figured that 78% of the way through the year is a good time to do that. Of my 14 goals for the year, I’ve completed goals #2 (run 2 half marathons), #13 (find a reliable cleaning person) and #14 (find a solution for my spice situation). Everything in between is somewhere between “on my way” [#4 (run 800 km), #11 (knock 28 items off my lists of 101 things to do in 1001 days3, #12 (make 14 new food items I’ve never made before4] and “not going to happen” [#2 (run a sub-2 hr half marathon), #5 (bike 800 km), and #9 (write 314 blog postings here on NTBTWK5].

Of course, knowing there is only 2.5 months left in this year and seeing that I royally screwed up a couple of my 2014 goals has gotten me thinking about next year’s goals. I was inspired by Daniel completely smashing his goal for the Victoria full marathon yesterday (beating his PB6 by more than 30 mins!) and have to admit that though running a sub-2hr half marathon has been on my to-do list for the past few years, I’ve never really given it a solid try. I think if I actually do the full training program – including all the hill runs and the intervals and really push myself – I can make a solid attempt at breaking that elusive 2 hr goal. I’m also planning to do my first triathlon next year and so I’m thinking that I can attempt a sub-2hr half at the BMO Vancouver marathon in May, then jump into triathlon training for a late summer tri. And if I don’t reach my sub-2hr goal at BMO, there’s always Scotiabank in June or Victoria in October7.

But I really shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Right now I have my sights on a PB for the 10 km at the Oasis Rock & Roll in 2 weeks. That seems like a good short-term goal to focus on at the moment.

Hey, and speaking of goals, I scored one of those in my hockey game yesterday – my second of the season! Unlike my first goal – where the defenceman of the opposing team put the puck her own net but I was the last person on my team to touch the puck, so I get credited with the goal – I actually put the puck into the net myself! Of course, on this goal, the goalie had gone behind the net to get the puck, but my linemate got the puck instead and fed it to me as I was standing right in front of the net waiting for the pass with, inexplicably, no defencemen on me. So, essentially I scored an empty net goal, but hey, I was in the right place so I’ll take it!

  1. 2,062.5 km of that was running, with the rest coming from biking and a bit of walking (that I tracked mostly when I’m interested in finding out how far a given walk is. I’ve don’t track most of my walks)! []
  2. 239 hours of that in running. []
  3. So far I’ve done 11 [4 on my previous 101 list and 7 on my current 101 list] []
  4. I’ve actually made 13 new items, so only need one more to cross this one off the list! []
  5. I’ve written 75 so far, including this one and there’s only 2.5 months left in the year. In order to meet this goal, I’d need to write >80 blog postings per month for the rest of the year, and no one wants to see that! []
  6. Personal Best. []
  7. Or countless other races near and far! []

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