This sore throat really needs to go away

Frog In Your Throat Box 1So I’ve had a sore throat for like a month and it’s really, really over stayed its welcome. It seemed to have developed right when I got back from the holidays, so I blame germy people on the airplane. When I said I was going to get back into my running routine, I was figuring that my sore throat would be gone soon, but it seemed to just keep sticking around, which meant that I decided not to go out running in the cold rainy weather we’ve been having for fear of making it worse. In the last about a week, it seemed like it really was gone, but yesterday it came back with a vengeance1. Or perhaps the old one is gone and this is a new sore throat. All I know is that I am not impressed!

I had briefly contemplated doing the UBC Triathlon in early March, which seemed like it was do-able if I started training in early January, but now it’s February 3 and I really don’t think less than a month is enough time to train for one’s first triathlon, and that would be assuming this sore throat goes away right now, which doesn’t seem likely.

Anyway, this is kind of a pointless blog posting2, but if a blog isn’t a place to put my pointless whining, then what is? Also, I really like that photo of the “Frog in Your Throat?” cough lozenge package.

Image Credit: Posted by Infrogmation of New Orleans on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

  1. By which I mean my throat is sore and scratchy again. It’s not like so sore that I think it’s strep or anything. But it’s annoying and I’m sneezing a lot []
  2. Unlike all my other blog postings which are *sooo* profound! 😉 []

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  • I make these lozenges and they seem to help when I had a cold and sore throat (perhaps the cold was at the end of its infection life) but these helped.
    Yes it is a lot of sugar but candy makes one feel better…
    1 c sugar (I used brown sugar) – for taste
    1/2 c water
    1T lemon juice – for Vitamin C
    1 T honey – for natural cough suppressant
    1/2 t ginger – for pain relief
    1/4 t ground cloves – for reducing phlegm
    Heat and stir til the mixture starts to simmer – let simmer 15 minutes – drop by teaspoonful onto parchment paper – let harden – sprinkle with icing sugar to prevent them from sticking together – store in airtight container in fridge.
    It is like making candy so 127C/260F if you use a candy thermometer or the hard ball stage.
    Mine did not harden so I scooped it into a container (it had a fudge like consistency – fudge itself makes one feel better)
    I used a teaspoon in lemon tea and all was good – it even allowed me to sleep all night without waking – all in all a tasty experiment.
    But having a sore throat all month is not good – get to a doctor and have it checked.


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