My calendar makes me want to cry

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.

In the next 37 days before I leave for Australia1, I have the following things in my calendar (in addition to, you know, going to work):

  • a weekend hockey camp in Whistler
  • a long weekend in Kelowna for a half marathon
    • which requires a bunch of training for said half marathon
    • plus I have another half marathon after I get back from Australia, so I don’t even get to stop training when the Kelowna half is done
  • a weeklong visit from my mom & my niece
    • which will involve us being tourists in my town. I’m thinking Granville Island, Stanley Park, and Science World (where they are having an exhibit where you get to be a spy. So exciting!)
  • a food truck festival
  • a concert
  • appointments for rehabbing my ankle
  • an executive council meeting for one of the boards I’m on
  • a meet & greet for the program of the student that I supervised this summer
  • a mixer for people from various MBA part-time cohorts (of which I am one)
  • a book club meeting
  • summer season hockey playoffs, the schedule for which is determined based on how we do in each game2, which requires me to be flexible in my scheduling, which is really not my strong suit right about now!
  • the first two classes of the course I’m teaching
  • the first hockey games of the fall season

Interspersed with all of this is coffees/lunches/drinks/dinners with various friends and dedicated time for working on the course I’m teaching in the fall (as I need to get that all completed before the course starts!). My boyfriend has now had to start being scheduled in or I wouldn’t see him between now and when we leave for Australia!

Maybe when I return from Australia, I should try to not do all the things. Maybe just like 90% of the things? I’ll let you know how that goes.

  1. Holy crap, I can’t believe I leave in Australia for 37 days!! []
  2. e.g., we won tonight, so we play next Monday. Had we lost, we would have had to play on Wed []

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