I Was On A Podcast

Caroline & Brian doing soundcheck for a live podcast at the Canadian Evaluation Society 2018 conferenceA few weeks ago, I went to an evaluation conference and at said conference there was the live recording of an episode of a podcast that I listen to: Eval Cafe. It’s hosted by a colleague of mine, Carolyn Camman, and her colleague, Brian Hoessler. The theme of the conference was “co-creation” so Carolyn and Brian thought it would be cool to co-create a podcast with whichever conference attendees decided to show up to their thematic breakfast session (which are sessions that are held on the last morning of the conference where the “presenters” suggest a topic of their table and people discuss it. So Carolyn & Brian brought their podcasting equipment and recorded the discussion of what we’d all experienced at the conference). And I was one of those conference attendees!

It’s pretty specific to evaluation and nerdy, but if you are so inclined, you can listen to the podcast episode here. (For the record, it is quite different from the last time I was on a podcast!)

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