Is This Thing On?

So my calendar tells me that today is my 17th blogiversary so I thought it would be appropriate to write a blog posting. Apparently that’s not a thought I’ve had very often lately, as this is only my 8th blog posting THIS YEAR! That’s just slightly more than one per month, on average, which has to be by far my lowest amount of blogging ever. It’s just that there’s not been a lot that I’ve wanted to blog about lately. I mean, there’s lots going on, but all of it is kinda depressing. The pandemic drags on and though most of the restrictions have been lifted for a while now, things are still very disrupted. People are still getting sick and some are dying and some are getting long COVID and lots of industries (e.g., healthcare, travel, everything supply chain) are disrupted, what with all the people being sick and, oh yeah, Russia started a war and the former president of Japan got assassinated the other day and the US “Supreme” “Court” took women’s and trans and non-binary people with uteruses’ rights back 50 years with its horrifying overturning of Roe vs. Wade, which is going to cause deaths and other very serious repercussions by forcing people to be pregnant against their will, and seriously, we are totally living in the darkest timeline. So yeah, I remember now why I’ve not been motivated to blog lately.

To end this thing on a happier note, here are the most recent photos of Watson and Raven that I have.


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