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Happy 10th Blogiversary to Me!

Number 1010 years. A decade. One-tenth of a century. Whatever way you look at it, it’s an awful long time. Unless you are looking at it in geological time, in which case it’s not even noticeable. Thankfully, neither me nor my blog is a rock.

Obviously things have changed a lot during that time. In fact, blogging itself has gone from “You write a what? A “blog”? What the hell is a blog?” (when I started in 2005) to *everyone* is blogging (in maybe 2007 or 2008) to “You write a what? A blog? How antiquated. Can I Instagram a photo of you? #OldLady #GetWithTheTimes”1.

I obviously don’t blog anywhere near as often as I used to – the days of the 231-day blogging streaks are over2. Even at my peak, I never had a tonne of comments on my blog postings, but the comments section has been a veritable wasteland for years now, with the few people who choose to comment doing so on the Facebook posting linked to my blog posting.

I don’t think it’s very difficult to figure out why me – and pretty much every else – is blogging so much less these days. There are just so many more ways to publish your ideas online now. Back in 2005, Facebook wasn’t yet open to the public – you had to have a university-affiliated address to join back then – and Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and the myriad other ways we have of sharing our ideas online weren’t even invented. And it’s a lot easier to write 140 characters or copy-and-paste a link to something than it is to sit down and think enough to write a coherent blog posting. And, likewise, it takes a lot more attention to read a blog posting than to flip through a bunch of tweets and Facebook statuses. As Mitch Joel said in his blog posting Blogging is Dead (Again):

Blogging is hard because writing is hard. Writing is hard because finding the time to do real critical thinking and then to put those thoughts down in writing is even more complex. Reading, research, critical thinking, writing, editing and publishing isn’t like posting a picture to tumblr or texting off a tweet. They’re different beasts and they deserve different forms of metrics and comparison.

When I used to not have those other outlets, I channeled all of my creative energies into blog postings. Now it’s much easier to post a funny one liner on Twitter and go on about my day.

But the thing is, I’m still constantly thinking of ideas that would  take more than 140 characters to write, and I often find myself making a mental note about something that I want to blog about3. I currently have 63 draft postings sitting in my blog in various states of being written (from just a title to remind me of something I wanted to blog about to some half-baked postings that I haven’t found the time to finish baking), not to mention other ideas jotted on my whiteboard and still others floating around in my brain. But, as Joel says, finding the time to actually craft a blog posting is the real challenge. It’s not just that other social media platforms are competing with blogs, it’s that all the other stuff I do in my life is competing for my time.

Anyway, after all this talk about needing to spend time to think critically to write blog postings, I’m pretty much just rambling on at this point. So I should probably find some way to wrap this thing up. But now I can’t think of a good ending. Gah! The pressure is too much. Oh wait, I know! How about a quiz to see if anyone is actually reading this. 1000 points to anyone who actually posts a comment on this blog posting (and you lose one million points if you post a comment on the link to this blog posting that appears on my Facebook).

10th Birthday Cakey

Omg, why didn’t anyone make this cake for me today?

Image Credits:

-Number 10 image osted by draml on Flickr with a Creative Commons license4.
-Sheep cake photo posted by darkdwarf on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.


  1. See here for a report on how blogging is for old folks… and this was back in 2010! []
  2. Though you may have noticed that I’m currently on a 6-day blogging streak, which I started when I noticed “blogiversary” in my Google calendar. []
  3. Something that frustrates me is that I never seem to get a blog posting written on current events because I need to take my time to learn about them, to think critically about them, and to decide what I’d even want to say about them and by the time I’m done all of that, everyone will have stopped posting links to that news story on their Facebook, having moved on to the next big thing. []
  4. While searching for an image for this blog posting, I searched Flickr for “number 10” and got a lot of photos of the house of the British Prime Minister. []


Happy 9th Blogiversary to me!

I’m coming in just under the wire on this one, but Happy 9th Blogiversary to me!

Number 9 Sign

When I started this blog nine years ago, it never even occurred to me that it would become such an integral part of my life. It’s my archives of my experiences and ideas (which I really need since I have such a terrible memory!). It’s a connection to family and friends who live both near and far. It’s a creative outlet. And although blogging seems to be much less popular than it was – and the comments section of most blogs are all but dead (damn you Facebook and Twitter!), I still think I’ll be keeping mine going for years to come. Happy birthday, my little blog!

Image Credit: Posted by Ted Eytan on Flickr.


Happy 8th Blogiversary, Not To Be Trusted With Knives!

Eight years ago today, I started this blog. If my blog were a person, it would be in grade 3 right now. Someone should probably bake my blog a cake.

OK, so I was totally kidding about the cake, but then I just looked on Flickr and people have seriously baked cakes for their blogs. Now someone really needs to bake me a cake!






Cake on fire


Image Credits (all with Creative Commons licenses):

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I’m Not Procrastinating. You’re Procrastinating: A 7 Year Retrospective

7A mere 2,557 days ago, I started my blog. And I ended that very first blog posting with the words: “I’m not procrastinating. You’re procrastinating.” And who would have thought that 7 years later my Little Procrastination Project That Could would still be chugging along, providing a procrastination venue for me. When I started my blog, I was still procrastinating writing my Ph.D. dissertation – which seems like ages ago! Who would have thought that this blog would see me through not only writing that, but also through enough time to forget why I was so glad to be done school and to start school again!

Undoubtedly, this blog also provides a procrastination vehicle for readers as well – I think this especially when I see most of the Google searches that bring people to this blog are “[Name of NHL Hockey Player] + shirtless”. Perhaps having more photos of shirtless NHL players should be my goal for my 8th year of blogging!

Of course, no blogiversary posting would be complete without a few stats. In the past 7 years:

  • I’ve published 2,135 posts, or 0.83 posts per day, or 1 posting every 28.7 hours
  • I’ve received 6,956 comments, or 2.72 comments per day, or 3.26 comments per posting
Happy 7th blogiversary, Happy blogiversary long time!

Image Credit: Posted by Leo Reynolds on Flickr


How Did I Miss My Own Blogiversary?


My blog turned 6 years old yesterday and I didn’t even bake it a cake! Worst. Blogmother. Ever!

And now a few stats, because who doesn’t love stats?

  • In 6 years, I have published 1,873 blog postings. That’s an average of 0.85 postings per day or 5.98 postings per week.
  • In 6 years, I’ve had 6,128 comments posted on my blog. That’s an average of 3.3 comments per posting
  • I have 1,585 different tags on my blog. That’s just crazy!

Happy birthday +1 day, my blog!

Image Credit: Posted by kzys on Flickr.


Happy 5th Blogiversary to Me!

Calendar Number 5

Once upon a time, a bright eyed young graduate student, in search of a better way to procrastinate, decided to start a blog. She called it “Thesis Writing is Hell” and her early blog postings were all about her thesis and thus, really never meant for anyone to read.  Pretty soon, however, she ventured out and blogged such insightful things as “Happy Birthday, Sarah,” and “I play hockey,” and “I went somewhere” and before she knew it, she was a full on personal blogger.  And that “once upon at time” was exactly five years ago today1.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent the last five years typing my inane thoughts, and occasional political rants2, into a little box on my computer screen, then unleashing said thoughts out onto the Internets, and even more hard to believe that you people out there read them.  And keep coming back back for more!

Being that I’m indecisive and have the attention span of a carrot, this blog has seen four different URLs3, which don’t exactly correspond directly to the four names4 I’ve used for it, as well as three different apartments5, the finishing of the fabled thesis after which the blog was originally titled, and two different full-time jobs6,7.  I’ve chronicled six trips up the Grouse Grinds8 and nine races9 in these past five years, not to mention10 22 trips11!

It’s been a fun five years12 of making new friends, bringing you photos of hockey hotties, and ranting about David Emerson. Here’s to the next five and whatever adventures they may bring!

Image Credit: Posted by Leo Reynolds on Flickr.

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