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  • Adulting

    So last year I did a whole lot of condo stuff and was totally remiss at blogging about any of it. It was the result of a bunch of stuff in my place reaching end-of-life and the fact that we couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything last year (thanks, of course, to the pandemic). […]

  • (no title)

    A bunch of my goals for 2019 were related to getting my condo more organized. I had very high hopes that I’d be all handy and DIY-y this year and I would: build a closet organizer in the front hall closet build a closet organizer in the pantry closet install a lazy Susan in each […]

  • Half Way Goals Check-In

    So, the year is half over. I know that every year I, like most people, marvel at how fast the year is going by, this year it’s way worse than previous years. Like, the year is half over and I haven’t really done anything… and I haven’t even planned stuff. Anyhoo, I thought that maybe […]

  • Stuff I Learned This Year: Drywall Edition

    I’ve had my condo for more than four years now and decided it was high time to give the place a little makeover. When I bought my place, I only had a few days to move in due to multiple trips that were happening around the same time. I figured that the paint in the […]

  • Stuff I Learned This Year: Hammer Drill Edition

    Remember many moons ago when I bought a shiny new bike? I haven’t enjoyed said shiny new bike as much as I would like of late, and I blame it squarely on the fact that I had to keep my bike in my storage locker, as my building has no bike room and we aren’t […]

  • Stuff I Learned This Year: Home Repair Edition

    Hey remember that time more than four months ago when my kitchen cabinet door fell off? I *finally* got around to fixing it. I was really gung-ho to fix it when it broke, going so far as to buy replacement hinges at Home Depot right away. But then I got busy and somehow four months went […]

  • Kondoing my Condo

    So I finished reading┬áThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing – a book by Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying consultant. Because apparently that’s a job. Her basis premises for tidying is that: you should start by discarding a bunch of stuff before you even think about storing stuff you […]

  • Back to Reality

    Done a bunch of laundry, including folding it1 Picked out my outfits for the week2. Made my lunch for tomorrow. Set up my coffee maker for the morning. Packed my work bag. Set my alarms3 Played with my kitties. That last one isn’t about going back to work after the holidays, but it sure is […]

  • A Spicy Situation

    As I wrote my goals update post last week, I realized that though I’d long ago come up with a solution to my spice situation (item #14 on my list of goals for 2014) and I had promised Stacy that I would blog about it, I have been delinquent in actually writing said blog posting. […]

  • Goals and 101 Update

    So, I’m staying up until 4 am to watch the men’s hockey Olympic gold medal game – Go Canada! My sleeping pattern is totally messed up right now – for various reasons, I didn’t get a lot of sleep this week and have been sooo tired all week and then last night after work I […]

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