Half Way Goals Check-In

So, the year is half over. I know that every year I, like most people, marvel at how fast the year is going by, this year it’s way worse than previous years. Like, the year is half over and I haven’t really done anything… and I haven’t even planned stuff.

Anyhoo, I thought that maybe I’d do a check in on how my goals for 2019 are going since the year is half freaking over, but honestly doing this just made me feel like I really have done nothing with the first half of the year! Correction: this has motivated me to get going on my goals!

Anyhoo again, of my 19 goals, I’ve completed a grand total of 1. So yeah, I’m a wee bit behind. But the one that I did complete was monumental:


The goal was actually just to deadlift 90 kg, and I did for 2 reps of a 90 kg trapbar deadlift on Jan 13, and then again for 2 reps on Jan 20, and then I did a single rep of 100 kg. For those of you who prefer to think of weight in pounds, that’s 220.5 lbs. Trapbar deadlift is easier than regular deadlift, but it’s still technically a deadlift!

I came close to one of my other weightlifting goals: I back squatted 85 kg on Jan 24, just 5 kg shy of my goal of 90 kg (i.e., 198 lbs).

I have made some progress on a few other goals. For the goal of making 19 new foods and/or beverages that I’ve never made before, I’ve made 5:

So I’m 26% done that goal – behind schedule, but I can definitely catch up.

For the goal of read 20 books, I’ve read 7 (5 of which I’ve already blogged about), and I’m in the process of reading 5 other books right now. So I feel like I’m on my way with this goal, although I wonder if I should focus my reading to get some of these books done, rather than sporadically reading from all 5 of them, just to make myself feel like I’m accomplishing something! I should also try to pick a few shorter books – most of the books I’m currently reading are quite long, which doesn’t help in the feeling-like-I’ve-accomplished-something department.

A number of my things on my list are home improvement-y/organization-y, so I probably should just make a plan to get some of those done, as some are the type of thing I can get done in a weekend here or there.

I haven’t sewn anything and I have a goal to sew 5 things, so I really should decide what I want to sew and get cracking on it. I have a goal of sleeping an average of 7 hours per night and though my Fitbit tracks my sleep for me, I can figure out how to find out what my average since Jan 1 has been. Looking at the graphs by month, I can see that I haven’t hit the 7 hour mark for any single month, so I know I’m not meeting the goal, but I guess I’ll have to download the data to calculate the yearly average myself. I have a goal to write in my journal once a week and I have written 23 entries, so I’m 44% done that goal. And I have a goal to have people over for dinner 5 times, and I’ve only hosted one dinner, so I should do some planning for that (anyone interested in coming over for dinner? Hit me up!)

As for my blogging goal, which was a *very* modest 78 blog postings, as soon as I hit “publish” on this one, I’ll have published 23 for the year (or 29.5%). Perhaps another thing I can spend a bit of time on!


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  • I can help you out with some of this when I’m visiting next.

    How about we find a recipe to make when I’m visiting. While it is cooking, we can blog about said recipe and drink some scotch (because I have a goal to drink more new-to-me scotches – best goal ever), which we can also blog about. When everything is cooked, we can sit down to dinner!

    Also, when I’m visiting, how about we have a coffee shop date where we draft up several blog posts – perhaps including our impressions of jumping out of a perfectly good plane.

    And because we’ll need to relax after all of this excitement, we can find some time to read a book.


  • Cudos to the previous commenter. Super helpful and constructive input!

    All I can think to offer is: audiobooks. You can get a lot of “reading” done while commuting, doing laundry or dishes, etc. Additionally, maybe join a book summary service like blinkist.com (they have a free level with a selection of free-for-one-day book summaries in audio and text + paid plans where you can access all of their summaries at any time) to help narrow down the book selection. Could be useful for striking books off your reading list if you find that the summary was enough.


  • I hear you on the long books, the last two I read were close to 1000 pages each!! …which has put me a bit behind my goal, but not much. Instead of aiming for 19 books this year I’ve set a much more ambitious goal (which I’ll keep under wraps for now). I’m just under halfway through my goal number so doing ok so far, with lots of time to catch up.

    On another note you know I’m always up for making new foods, just let me know when you have time! I also remember seeing a fair number of items on your last 1001 list that I could definitely assist with…


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