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  • Review: Copper Moon Pinot Grigio

    It takes like nothing. Seriously. I recently was looking to buy a bottle of wine and thought I’d try something I hadn’t tried before. I wanted a white and considered buying my favourite one – Prospect Winery’s Ogopogo’s Lair Pinot Grigio. But then I thought, “Oh no, let’s try something different!” Not too long ago, […]

  • Movie Review: Final Destination 5

    Warning: there will be spoilers. Yesterday a group of us went to see Final Destination 5, a documentary about bridge safety. In preparation, Kalev and I watched Final Destination 1 on Monday night. Because, you know, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to follow the plot without having seen number 1. There was much […]

  • I Drive A Lot. And A Review of Fuelly.

    I took my beloved Zaphod Beeblebrox the Car in for its 45,000 km service appointment this week, so I figured it was as good a time as any to write an update about my beloved car. Also, it gives me a chance to tell all y’all about the new fun website I’ve been using to […]

  • So Nice Creamer – A Review

    As you know, whenever I talk about a product or service on my blog, I usually say something to the effect of “just for the record, this company didn’t give me any money, free products, or backrubs to get me to talk about this.” Usually I say it resentfully, because I almost never get free […]