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  • Stuff I’m Learning This Year: Sewing Edition

    Knowing about my goal to learn one new thing every month this year, Cath suggested we try out a sewing class at Spool of Thread in Vancouver1. I’d never sewn anything using a sewing machine before, and Cath hadn’t sewn since high school where she used a machine from the Stone Age, so we took the […]

  • I went for a float and it wasn’t of the root beer variety

    My friend Alicia took me for a float for my birthday. For the uninitiated, a float (a.k.a., floatation therapy or sensory deprivation tank) is where you get into a big tank with water that has about 1000 lbs of Epsom salt in it so that you can lie in and, as the name suggests, float. […]

  • A review of that movie that everyone is talking about

    “Krampus poster” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia. Last night, Kalev and I went to see the documentary about the blicans and her family are Repu experience of German ex-pats living in America – Krampus. Warning: SPOILERS I give this movie a decidedly mixed review. There was some very well done sections of the […]

  • Theatre Goer

    Apparently I’m really into theatre all of the sudden, as last night I saw Red Rock Diner at the Arts Club Granville Island Stage. Here the trailer: The show was great – great music performed by an incredibly talented cast. I am always in awe of people who can sing (and boy, could these guys […]

  • Bard BBQ!

    And speaking of BBQs, I went to one last night. But not just any BBQ. A Bard-B-Q! One of the things that has been on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list since it’s very first iteration1 has been to go to a Bard on the Beach show. And for some reason, every […]

  • Massage Therapy

    Given that I do a fair bit of running and hockey, and I also have a desk job, I’m extremely lucky to have a good health benefits package that allows me to get some much needed massage therapy. When I started working in Surrey, I started going to Starr Family Chiropractic, for both chiropractor (Dr. […]

  • Hair Extraordinaire!

    And now I’m just on a roll of talking about businesses that I like, so I think that I’ll make that the theme for today. Which brings me to my hair stylist, Jenny Lynn, the owner of Oh Hey Style1. She works at Red Square Salon, she’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, and she […]

  • My manicure one month later

    Hey, remember that time that I got my nails done all fancy like? That was almost a month ago and my nails are still, to my great surprise, perfect! Of course, near the cuticle you can see that my nails have grown a bit in the past month, but other than that, they are perfectly […]

  • Applewood

    Apparently this was a weekend for trying out new places to eat, because this afternoon I found myself at Applewood1. A coworker of mine had told me about it recently – it’s a little teashop in Delta where you can get fresh baked goods and fancy tea. It’s totally tucked away where you’d never see […]

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