So *that’s* why I keep speaking ancient Aramaic

Over on Kimli’s blog, I learned about this questionnaire from the Church of St. Mark that will tell you what kind of demon you are possessed by (because, seriously you must be possessed by some kind of demon if you are reading this blog). Now, I know you’ll all be surprised to learn that I’m possessed by the pervy demon:


So, now that I know that, thanks to my weakness of spirit, I’m possessed by a slutty demon, I figure I should fill out  the handy dandy Exorcism Application form. But on the form I notice this little disclaimer:

Exorcism Applicaiton Disclaimer

Because nothing says “good faith” like asking you to waive all your legal rights.

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  1. I alas was a inhibited by a demon of sloth. I am too lazy to get rid of him and he pays his rent on time and like grilled cheese sandwiches so it is all good. I was surpised to see after I tweeted this church how many sloth demons there were in social media, hmmm food for thought…….hey demon did you hear that “Food” go fetch me a grilled cheese or you get the holy water again.

  2. Oh my gods, teh Intarwebs are hilarious.


    I was wondering why I was bleeding from the eyes… I thought maybe I was a True Blood vampire or something. Also, now I understand the source of my sweating. And here I just thought it was Toronto humidity.

    And nice to know my voice acting lessons are paying off. Still, it would be nice to be able to spout Ancient Aramaic.

  3. this pretty much sums it up for me. No prodding, ‘kay?

    You may be afflicted with a demon known as MIITAKK
    Miitakk is the demon of complacence and slothfulness – many initially afflicted with this demon stop making an effort in any aspect of their lives. Without exorcism or care of any kind those possessed by Miitakk will suffer from bedsores, atrophy of the limbs and other ailments of the immobile. Signs: often those possessed by Miitakk take on a nearly catatonic state, and it is difficult to get them to respond. However, if the afflicted is prodded too much, they can suddenly become violent. Touching cool water causes those possessed by this demon to feel a burning sensation.

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