– Tell The World About All The Things That Piss You Off

A couple of weeks ago Dr. Dan invited me to beta test a site that a friend of his created. I’ve been *dying* to tell all y’all about it (mostly because I’m usually the last person to hear about anything and it’s fun to be among the first), but I was sworn to secrecy until launch date. Well, today is launch date, so I give you: is a collection of anonymously submitted pet peeves. This is a sort of social experiment revolving around our daily frustrations and inner-hate. It is a place to vent, empathize, and laugh at the ongoing annoyances of the world we live in.

So check it out. And 100 NTBTWK points to the first person to correctly identify one of the pet peeves that I’ve submitted to the site1.

  1. comment has to be in the comments section of this posting on my blog. Comments on my Facebook wall, in Twitter @ replies or via passenger pigeon do not count []

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