The Hockey Sweater

OMG! Why did no one tell me that The Hockey Sweater is on YouTube??

This is a a Canadian classic! We watched this every year in elementary school, usually right before Christmas break when the teachers showed us a bunch of films1, probably because they knew we wouldn’t be up for learning anything at that point.  We also watched a cartoon about Christmas and aliens and there was a goose in it. And the teenagers all wore bell bottoms ((my school only had really old films to show us). Wait, it was called “Cosmic Christmas”!!  <searches Youtube>  ZOMG, it’s on You Tube too!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

  1. yes, I’m so old we watched movies on actual film projectors []

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  • Thanks again for sending Teddy "The Hockey Sweater" as part of your shower gift. I adore that book (and the movie – thanks for the link).

    Ahh – Cosmic Christmas. When I was REALLY small — before we had a VCR (and when they first came out, we SHARED A VCR amongst people at my Dad's work!!) – my Mom would bring home the film projector from school for my b-day parties. The most requested film? That one.

    Don't you wish we'd been friends when I was 4, rather than meeting when I was 9?


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