New UBC President – Who Will It Be?

I came home after my hockey game* tonight to find this in my email inbox:

To: All members of the UBC community
From: Brad Bennett, Chair, UBC Board of Governors
Subject: Announcement – UBC’s 12th President

On behalf of the UBC Board of Governors, I would like to invite all
members of the UBC community to a special event to meet and welcome
UBC’s 12th President.

UBC Vancouver

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Time: 10 am
Location: Life Sciences Centre, West Atrium

Now, I’m curious! I don’t even know who the candidates are (I’m not sure that info is even out there!) But I think I’m going to go — I have a meeting on campus at 11:30 anyway, so I may as well just go in a wee bit early to see the hubbub.

For you east coasters who will read this well before 10 am Pacific, any guesses? And you can’t guess Hitler (altho I don’t doubt that UBC tried to get him).

*In the interest of full disclosure (no one ever reads footnotes anyway, right?), it is my sad duty to report that we lost our playoff hockey game =( Boo-urns! But, in our defence, we didn’t have a goalie, and that makes it really tough to win! But we played our butts off and that’s what matters! Or so I tell myself.

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  • Rebecca – I wish!!

    Actually, they picked this guy: Stephen Toope, former Dean of Law at McGill, specialist in international law and human rights and current president of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation. He actually sounds alright (more lefty than I was expecting considering the extreme right-wingedness of our current president, Board of Governor’s, premier…), but I’m reserving judgement until I actually see what he does (‘cuz anyone can talk about concern for students or believing that a university is a public institution and therefore should serve the public, but to actually do something about it… well, we’ll just have to see how that goes!


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