Happy Birthday Daav!

Today is Dave’s birthday.

So I thought I’d write a little tribute to Dave.

Dave is the reason that I started blogging. Dave sends me links to funny cartoons. Dave has two of the cutest and most fun cats I’ve ever met. Dave knows how to mix a mean rum & diet Coke. Dave shows up on my messenger all drunk and slurring* incoherently about his latest creation and how I need to join it. Dave flew all the way here in April just to, along with his wife, keep me from having a breakdown when my professional life all but imploded. Dave wrote such funny summaries of our adventures that I didn’t need to blog that whole week! And if all that weren’t enough, Dave is also the editor of a wicked awesome literary journal called Armada. If you haven’t already, you need to go check this out – it rocks!**

In truth, Dave is like any man, only moreso.

Happy Birthday Dave!

*if you don’t think it’s possible to slur in print form, you obviously haven’t chatted with Daav and Jogre when they are drunky drunky.

**Dave, I’m sure you thought that I hadn’t pimped Armada yet because I was just totally lame, but honestly I wanted to wait for a special occasion… everyone else pimped it right away, but I wanted to bring it up just when you thought I’d forgotten to do it. And so from now you have to refer to me as your BFF! No wait, as Dr. BFF!

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  • Goddamn that’s a handsome man!

    Thanks for the tribute. I’m absolutely feeling the love today. i will drink one in your honour today if you promise to do the same.

    (I commented earlier, and I think with more wit, but Beta ate my comment.)


  • Reply

  • Awwww…what a nice tribute!

    I tried to break into Dave’s blog to hijack it again, but his beta blogger password is different. Boo!!


  • Hahahaha. I laughed and laughed at the ‘drunky drunky slurring’ bit. I, too, have noticed those two getting very hard to understand when researching ARM.

    Happy Birthday, Dave!!


  • Ah Bethie.

    What a great post.

    Now you have raised the bar in terms of blog tributes to the rest of your friends.



    Also, you’ll find that Dave will now be blaming Blogger Beta for all kinds of things:

    – Missing witticisms
    – Sloppy posts
    – Global warming


  • When IS your birthday Jorge?

    BTW, it is a scientifically proven fact that Blogger Beta is responsible for global warming.


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