I Should Have Been a Graphic Designer

When my friend Linda & I were looking for a bottle of booze to give to our friends Erika & Paul to go with the glasses we got them for their wedding shower present, nothing in the Liquor Store seemed quite right, nothing said what we really wanted it to say. We wanted something with a name and label that was fun and somewhat appropriate to the the occasion (the vanilla liquor “French Kiss,” came close, but wasn’t exactly what we wanted). Then a stroke of genius hit – if we can’t find just the right thing, why not invent our own brand? Not to actually make the liquor, mind you, but we could come up with our own label and put it on a bottle of tasty liquor. Erika is a fish biologist, Paul, a video game designer. Thus was born – Wired Fish:


Never one to waste a good idea, when I had to find a gift for Shalu (a rat researcher) & Deepak (an IT guy) to go along with the martini glasses that I got them for their wedding shower, the label was adapted and thus was born – Wired Rat:

wired rat

Now, as long as my friends continue to marry people that are somehow involved in computer industry (and those friends are somehow involved with some species of living creature), I may never had to think up another good wedding shower gift idea again! Wired Amoeba anyone?

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