Clumsy Baseball Players

My sister took my niece to a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game the other day. My niece, who is just over two and a half years ago, reportedly enjoyed all the clapping and got to run the bases after the game1. She also was heard to say, “That man ran and slipped. He should be careful.” “Oh, that man slipped too.” My sister tried to explain to her that they were sliding into the bases on purpose, but Madeline would have none of it. I mean, why on earth would someone slip on purpose?

1Her aunt is quite jealous about this. Why did no one ever let me run the bases after a Jays game when I was a little kid?

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  • Oh my gosh, Madeline has to be the most precocious child I’ve EVER heard of! That’s hilarious! She sounds British or something! Nancy should teach her to speak with a British accent.


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