But Did I Mention the Bling?

So Sunday night marked the final of Shalu & Deepak’s wedding events – the reception. And so I have photos for your viewing pleasure.

First up, photos of my bling, which I didn’t capture in any of the photos from the wedding ceremony day, although I was actually wearing all of this.

Here’s my necklace:


…with matching earrings:


And, of course, you have to have the bangles:


And, while this is a terrible, bug-eyed photo of me (wherein I’m somewhat reminscint of that runaway bride from a couple of years ago), but it’s the only photo I got where you can (kinda) see my bindis (yes, that’s bindis plural… if you look closely, you can see there’s one beside my left eye):


But enough about me, now here’s a photo of Shalu with me:


I’m pretty happy with that one, because Shalu and I rarely get good photos together and we actually both look good in this one. Although it’s hard to look bad in beautiful saris! And bling!

And last, but certainly not least, a photo of the happy couple – don’t they look like royalty?


And this concludes my reportings on the wedding adventures of Shalu and Deepak. While, at least until we have her bachelorette next month. Yes, we are having the bachelorette *after* the wedding. It’s a long story.

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