Name My Gadgets

Anthropomorphizing1 my iPod and my Palm Treo in yesterday’s blog posting got me to thinking… I really should name them. My iPod and my Palm Treo, I mean.

Do you have any good ideas for what I should call them? The only rule is that you can’t use Vancouver Canucks player names. I have some other, um, electronics that I’ve named after Canucks.

1or would that be technopomorphizing?

10 Replies to “Name My Gadgets”

  1. You haven’t named them yet? Wow – I’d named Gretchen (my iPod) and Cherry Baby (my laptop) within days of getting them. You just have to look at them and let the name come to you.

  2. R – Gretchen & Cherry Baby? How did you come up with those. I need to stare at them longer clearly, because my iPod & Treo haven’t told me themselves. My other, um, electronics though, were easy – Taylor (Pyatt), Marc (Chiounard) and Trevy Lou (a combo of Trevor Linden & Roberto Louongo… that one was during the ’07 playoffs).

    K – Canucks: it’s oh so right!

  3. You own your possessions. They don’t own you. You have no obligations to them. It’s healthy to treat them as objects. They’re not alive. They don’t deserve names. You should be distancing yourself from insidious technologies, not becoming ever more intimate with them! (Even the sex toys.)

    Of course, I’m still afraid to go on Facebook.

    OK, I’m going to go offline now.

  4. Dave – the thought of naming toys after the Sedin twins will now be giving me nightmares. Thanks.

    JB – You’ve been on FB. You know you have.

  5. The laptop was easy – it has a red cover which looks like cherry wood, and it was my second, smaller computer (at the time, I had a desktop computer, which became Big Momma on my network). The iPod because Gretchen because it’s sleek and stylish and doesn’t have a lot of fussy buttons and knobs, so it reminded me of a German supermodel.

    What about naming the Treo Jacques (because it’s a jack-of-all-trades kind of device) and the iPod Hans?

    The only other advice I can give you is do not, under any circumstances, name anything HAL, because it will live up to its name.

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