24 Things I Miss About Danielle

Last spring, my roommate left our little apartment to move on to bigger and better things (i.e., a dietetics internship in Victoria). Here are 24 things¹ that I miss about her:

  1. Her wicked sense of humour
  2. Walks to the produce stores on West Broadway
  3. Our 8 p.m. cookie bakes
  4. Impromptu parties where we invite random people over for dinner
  5. And then going out to par-tay!
  6. Coming home from work and talking about our days
  7. Taking photos of *everything*
  8. Scrapbooking together (which she’s *much* better at than me!)
  9. The way she makes you homemade cards, just because.
  10. Having various friends and family members stay at our place (I miss you too, Tamara!)
  11. Playing hockey (even though we didn’t actually play hockey together while we lived together, it is how we originally met!)
  12. Having my own personal hair dyer!
  13. Chatting about anything and everything
  14. Surfing in Tofino adventures
  15. Ladies’ night skiing adventures
  16. Watching Canucks games at Nevermind
  17. All India Vegetarian buffet dinners!
  18. Games of tennis (which we didn’t do *nearly* enough!)
  19. Friday afternoon ulti pickup games
  20. Followed by potluck dinners!
  21. The time she was petting my hair in her sleep
  22. Our rule about the hooker shoes and the housecoat
  23. Late night trips to Shoppers Drug Mart in our PJs!
  24. She inspires me!

Happy 24th Birthday, Tenacious D!

¹And don’t think that these are the only 24 things I miss about her – there are waaay too many things I miss to possible list here!

3 Replies to “24 Things I Miss About Danielle”

  1. When we lived together, Danielle and I had only two rules. One was that if we went out clubbing together, I wasn’t allowed to wear my clear wedge heels that had lights in them and the lights light up when you walk; and the other was that when we went to the store, Danielle wasn’t allowed to go out in her housecoat. And thus, there was harmony in our home.

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