Still Hot for Teacher

I’ve been a bit neglectful in my posting pictures I’ve what I wear to teach.  Like, as soon as I mentioned that I was in the habit of doing that, I stopped doing it.  But I have been taking the pics… just haven’t got around to posting then.

Well, wait no longer, friends, because here are the last three outfits I have worn while teaching.  The class I’m teaching in only 2 credits (most one term courses at UBC are 3 credits), so we don’t actually have class ever week.  In fact, we had almost all of February off, so these three outfits, combined with the two that I have already posted mean that I’m officially caught up in the “posting pictures of what I wear while I teach” department.


Also amusing, this photo, which shows what happens when you set a camera’s timer to 2 seconds delay instead of 10.


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  • You should post your photos to the wardrobe_remix group on Flickr!

    I keep thinking it would be fun to do daily wardrobe photos myself, but am deterred by the fact that my messy apartment would be in the background. 🙂


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