What do you do if you live in Ottawa and are snowed under by 360 cm of snow? If you are Dave of Touch You Last, you hold your annual 24 hour movie marathon! That’s right, they are watching movies for 24 hours straight. They just reached the hour 7 mark and are watching Holes.

Follow Dave’s Tweets and join Jorge has he liveblogs the event. And tell them to bring back the webcam =)

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  • I made a comment, but wordpress eated it.

    Thanks for the shout out! You’re gonna be here next year, right? Battle Royale AND Crimetime. Not to be missed.


  • Oooh, for Battle Royale AND Crimetime, I might just make the trip! Sorry WordPress eated your comment. If it’s any consolation, it also eated this blog post the first time I commented. I think it’s hungry today. Nom nom nom nom nom.


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