How often do YOU wash your hair?

So I was at my hair stylist’s a little while ago getting my waaaaay overdue cut & colour (hello roots!) and my stylist was *shocked* when I said that I wash my hair everyday (“You wash your hair EVERY DAY???!!”). She was also appalled that I use cheap drug store shampoo instead of salon stuff (“You spend all this money to get nice colour, that cheap stuff will ruin it!”). Of course, I go way too long between hair colourings, so clearly I’m only vain enough to care about my hair colour once every 10 months or so.

My hair is a bit on the oily side, which is especially bad when you have fine hair because even the slightest bit of oil really weighs it down. So, if I don’t wash it every day, it’s all oily and weighed down and yucky looking. “You have to train your hair!” my stylist tells me, “If you wash it every day, it strips the oils and so you produce more oils. If you wash it every other day, it won’t make so much.” Hmm.. sounds plausible, I guess.

She also managed to convince me to buy some fru-fru expensive salon shampoo and conditioner. The explanation goes something like this: sure this costs $50 for 1L, whereas the drug store stuff costs like $10, but the drug store stuff is mostly made of water, so you need to use a ton of it each time. With this stuff, you just need a tiny drop, so the 1L bottle will literally last you a couple of years, whereas you’ll probably have to buy 20 bottles each of shampoo & conditioner in that amount of time. And, to be honest, I’d tried this particular brand¹ at someone else’s house and you really do only use a remarkably tiny amount. When I use drug store conditioner, for example, I need a blob the size of my palm (my hair is particularly knotty), whereas with this stuff I use less than a dime-sized amount to get the same effect. So, I took the plunge and invested almost $100² in a bottle of shampoo & a bottle of conditioner, with the hopes that this actually works out in my favour. I’ll keep ya posted, ‘cuz I’m sure you are all dying to hear updates on my hair care products.

Wow, this is officially my most boring bog post ever.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot: How often do YOU wash your hair? Am I weird for washing my hair everyday?

¹For the record, I have no association whatsoever with this company. Just wanted a pic to put up to brighten up my post.
²Both the shampoo and condition were 20% off.

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  1. I wash it every other day. It totally helps keep my hair healthier as I put it through hell and the investment in good shampoo and conditioner is well worth it. You did good girl:) I love pureology:)

  2. It used to be every day for me, but I stopped a while back, maybe 5 years ago. Every time I went to the stylist, they had to chop off at least as much as I’d grown (bad split ends) and I hadn’t been able to grow my hair longer than just-above-shoulder. When I switched to once every 2 days, it’s been better. Then again, my hair’s changed texture over the last few years too, but it does feel healthier this way.

    I think I read that on your off-days you’re supposed to just rinse and re-apply conditioner, but that sounds like a lot of effort for me, so I don’t bother.

    I get my highlights redone every 4 months (same time I get a cut). That’s probably too often, but this way nobody seems to notice that my hair’s not naturally 4 different colours.

  3. I wash mine about 3 times a week. When my colour fades it goes pink, and I hate pink so I’m trying to stretch out the red. The pro shampoo and conditioner is the way to go, you won’t regret it.

  4. Every other day or even less frequently, depending on how much of a slob I want to be. BEING A SLOB = FUN!

    Seriously though, I just went and had a serious retail event. Aveda products out the wahoo now. Strangely not inspired by your blog.

    PS – I absolutely love the name gillicious. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before, but it deserves repeating. I must remember to remind people that the dangillis is gillicious. But maybe so as to avoid copyright issues I’ll say gilliscious. The extra s is for SUPER.

    PSS – I am really, really, really tired. Please excuse this sad little reply to your blog posting. Don’t judge me too harshly.

  5. I wash mine every time I shower, which is mainly every day. A lot of the time I don’t use conditioner even, because my hair is on the oily side. Often I use 2-in-1s because it’s just simpler. Of course, I have relatively short hair.

    Having oily hair is great given that I swim, because basically when I’m swimming my hair is relatively normal, as opposed to some people’s hair when they swim, where the chlorine kills it.

    I don’t really buy the whole “oh spend 3 or 4 times the money and the product is SOOOO much better,” whether for haircare products or anything, really. It sounds like total marketing hooey to me, like somehow Levi’s jeans are better than some relatively unknown brand because they’re… oooh… ahhhh… LEVI’S! I guess I can see the benefit of having a concentrate and not having to use as much.

    I do shop at Body Shop a lot and granted, their stuff is more expensive than say… Pert Plus from Shoppers Drug Mart. But mainly I shop there because they’re against animal testing and they seem like they’re a relatively responsible corporation. But Body Shop prices don’t come close to salon prices.

    Spending nearly $100 for shampoo and conditioner (at 20% off) seems totally INSANE to me, although I guess if they last a good long while that makes it more reasonable. Perhaps it’s more reasonable if your hair is coloured and you’ve spent quite a bit of money to colour it.

  6. Showing yet again that I have no idea what my blog readers will think is boring or not – this is the most comments I’ve had on a posting in a while! lol!

    Seems like the every other day is pretty common (‘cept Kalev, but he’s a swimmer and I can’t imagine that leaving chlorine in one’s hair would be a good thing, so that’s understandable). I’m going to give this whole every other day thing a whirl and see how it goes.

    And now that I’ve written this blog posting, I’ll know when I bought the shampoo & conditioner (just checked my calendar – it was actually April 23rd that I had my hair appointment), so I can see how long the bottles truly last… I’m going to guess that it will be a long, long time, because they are 1L bottles and you really do use a tiny, tiny amount)

  7. I have very oily hair, so when it’s short (most of the time) I wash it every day, but when it’s long, every other day. My fancy hair stylist guy ($120 for cut and color) told me that cheaper shampoo and conditioner was better, because it had more water in it. The only time I buy semi-expensive is when I swim on a regular basis.

  8. I, too, wash my hair each time I shower, which is pretty much every day (except if I am sick or feeling lazy on the weekend). Maybe when I start colouring it I will vary the frequency, but I am sticking with every day for now. I don’t generally have any trouble with split ends. I don’t usually condition my hair, though (it takes too long to dry) and I almost never blow dry. Yeah – lazy as hell with my hair. I am so thankful that I have naturally straight hair.

    Much like Stacia, the only time I have ever splurged on expensive stuff was when I was swimming frequently in a public pool. Stupid chlorine.

    Speaking of chlorine — remember that time that you came swimming in my old pool after it had just had a shock treatment and the uber-chlorinated water turned your black swimsuit brown? I broke out that story recently. That was like 15 years ago. WE ARE SO OLD!!!

  9. Ok, I’m a hair delinquent. I wash my hair twice a day. Not sure why, I just do. But my shampoo is very, very kind to my hair (which is very thin).

  10. @Sarah – omg, I HAVE to use conditioner! You can’t even begin to get a comb through it without conditioner… stupid knotty, naughty hair! You should have seen it after I went surfing last year for my birthday – freezing cold salt water and a wet suit with a hood = very, very bad for my hair! I had a whole team of people trying to get the knots out!

    I do, in fact, remember the uber-chlorination of my black swimsuit! That was 15 years ago???

  11. I wash my hair almost every day – on days when I don’t work I skip the whole shower/wash my hair chore. It gets conditioned almost every day in the winter when it’s dry and static-y, and once or twice a week in the summer.

  12. Amazing how much people like to talk about their hair…and that I read every single post. What if you work out most days? I only skip a day the rare day that I don’t work out or get dirty :)…what else is a girl to do? Is it good to over condition if you wash alot? PS. I went through an expensive shampoo phase will pass.

  13. I used to wash my hair everyday, esp. when it’s short and I can’t tie it back. My hair gets greasy too and it feels/looks gross. However, my hairdress told me the same bad thing about daily wash. So if I can tie my hair back, I’ll wash my hair every other day and on the no-wash day, I still use conditioner. At first, I found even the conditioner weighs down my hair (my hair is very fine as well) if you apply it to the whole head. But I find if you only apply the conditioner from mid to ends of hair (ie. stay away from the roots), it’s ok. Also, I find it really takes your head a few months to adjust to daily-shampoo to every other day. The first few weeks, your hair will feel kind of heavy on no-shampoo days (so I wouldn’t try this in the summer when it’s 35C outside), but gradually, your head will adjust. Now, I can wear my hair down everyday, even on no-shampoo days, without feeling gross. 🙂

    One more tip: My hairdresser said if I “must” wash my hair everyday, use a shampoo for specifically designed for coloured hair, whether you colour your hair or not, because it contains less stringent chemicals and it’s not as harsh as “regular” shampoo.

    My friend swears by Pureology products! 😛

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