Beth fall down go boom

So I’m leaving the theatre after watching a sneak preview of Young People Fucking1 with Kalev2 yesterday and I feel the heel of my super sexy boots slide right out from under me. And I try to not fall, which only succeeds in extending the length, extravagance and (I’m sure to the onlooker) hilarity, of the fall. And I scraped my knee. =(

And here is the culprit:

The little rubber piece on the heel is totally worn away. As it turns out, beneath the little rubber piece on your heel is some sort of uber-slippery plastic. Which, when it comes in contact with a slick movie theatre lobby floor, makes it like you are walking on a sheet of black ice. =(

I suppose I need to take the boots in to have them re-heeled. It seems like I have to do that a lot. Case in point: I bought my shiny black heels just over a year ago and had to have them re-heeled about 6 months after buying them, as the little rubber piece had been completely worn away. (And it’s not like I wear them *every* day. I’d say I wear this pair about 2-3 days per week). And now, they need re-heeling again:

The rubber piece on the heel is so worn away that the little metal posts inside the heel is exposed!

Needing re-heeling on a pair of shoes twice in 15 months seems rather excessive to me. I was telling my friend Alicia about this today and she says that she has the same problem. “It’s because you actually walk places!” she said. People who drive places don’t really wear out their heels because they barely walk on them. Bus riders like us walk several blocks from bus stop to office and so wear out our shoes. Which make sense, I guess. And it’s nice to know that I’m not the only heel-wearing-out freak. But now I feel like I should take a poll.

What about you, my heel-wearing blog readers? How long do your shoes last before you wear out your heels?

1An absolutely fabulous movie, btw, which you should all go and see. Hilarious! Srsly, watch the preview.
2 That’s “Young People Fucking,” that I watched with Kalev3 . Not to be mistaken for “Young People Fucking with Kalev.” That, I hear, will be the sequel.
3Did I mention that Kalev acquired the pass to said sneak preview? No? Damn, I better revise this posting so he doesn’t bitch me out for not mentioning him! =P

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  • I am a heel geek. I have to CONSTANTLY re-heel my shoes and boots. Its because we actually WALK on them. tho I average about 4 months per pair. I am ALWAYS going to the show makers. I have the most amazing pair of boots I have to take in, soon.

    but I digress. I wear out my heels approx every 4 months. You can get thicker heel replacements, tho that does depend on the shoe guy. I always get the thick ones, and the usually only last 4-5 months. i LOOOOOOVE my heels.

    i can admit it. i’m a shoe whore. your point??? 😉


  • I agree with Colleen! My heel lifts take roughly 4 months to wear down and I always assumed it’s because I walk all over the place in them, as opposed to driving/cabbing/etc. (I suspect that most heel-wearing women own cars and are not as environmentally conscious).

    The height of ridiculousness was a new pair of stiletto boots I bought this winter – The heel lifts on those wore out after just three wearings! Luckily the replacement lifts have proved\n to be much sturdier.


  • Sorry to hear about hurting yourself. HOWEVER… you went to YPF and you did NOT take me? What’s up with that? 🙁


  • It does depend on how much you walk. When I was still attending university (which I did for 12 years), the heels would wear down. Now, I don’t go anywhere, so they’re fine.


  • Although I am not known to sport heels larger than those typical of man-shoes, I do walk to and from the office daily. The result of all this walking is a need to replace my shoes probably once every 5 to 7 months. I hypothesize that the extra few months of use are due in part to

    a) the larger heel (thus spreading the force of my mass across a larger surface area) and lengthening my heel life,
    b) my failure to notice when my heel has worn away, and
    c) my incredible ability to be stubborn/lazy/cheap.

    I should add that my ridiculous need for pattern has me wearing the same shoes every day until they are a shadow of their former gloriousness. Exceptions that require a change of shoe involve weddings or exercise.


  • I, too, am a destroyer of heels. The boots I am currently wearing desperately need to be re-heeled, but I am also lazy! Depending on the time of year, and the frequency with which I wear them, my heels last 4-6 months. In winter, I rock the boots and in summer I vary the sandals. My spring/fall staples, though – watch out.


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