Dr. Beth, Truck Driver Extraordinaire

I had to go pick up a desk from my friend Alicia’s place today.  The desk I had been using for the last 2 years actually belonged to my old roommate, Danielle.  She’d moved to a furnished place on the island, so I was babysitting the desk, and her dresser, until such time as she needed them back.  As she’s now moving to an unfurnished place, such time has arrived.  Fortunately for me, my friend Alicia was looking to get rid of a desk1 right around the same time, so said I could have it for free!  And you know how I feel about free stuff.

So tonight I booked myself a pick-up truck from the car co-op and bribed Kalev with a trip to the grocery store2 if would help me pick up the desk.  It’s one of the many great things about the car co-op – whenever you need a truck or a van to move big stuff, you can have your pick.  I chose a 2007 Mazda B3000, a pretty big truck for a wee-sized girl like myself.  I hate driving pick-up trucks because (a) they are a bitch to park and (b) I had a horrifying experience driving my dad’s pick-up truck when I was younger… a horrifying experience involving a very, very large spider.  *shudder*

Anyhoo, we managed to get the desk moved into my place all in one piece, as well as get a ridiculous amount of groceries – virtually all of which was on sale and/or came with bonus AirMiles.  And now I’m very, very tired!  So my desk setting up adventure will have to wait until tomorrow.  But I’ll post a picture once I have it set up all nice like.

Props to Alicia & Paul for letting me have their old desk/dresser thingamabob, and to Kalev for helping me move it!

1It’s actually a dresser with a spot for a chair – like where you’d have a chair and could sit and put on your makeup at your dresser – but I’m going to use it as a computer desk. ‘cuz that’s the way I roll.
2Kalev, like me, is carless, so an opportunity to be driven to a grocery store where he can buy any heavy items he wants, is an excellent bribe.

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  • And he has a cute smile, so I figure that driving around with Kalev would actually do wonders for your soul. Reciprocally, anyone who can spend any amount of time with you should feel him/herself blessed 🙂

    Congrats on the new desk!


  • I don’t know what you’re talking about, Beth: I always jump at the chance to help my friends move big, heavy, awkward things!

    You did a great job driving and parking–I only heard a sickening crunch once. *grin* Seriously, that truck was giant yet I felt very safe in your truck-driving hands. I mean, going all the way to Richmond (aka Oakridge and Marpole) is a big deal. How many timezones did we have to cross? Do they even speak English there? It seems so very far, far away.

    I have to tell everyone that while we were getting the desk from Alicia’s, Beth saw a spider, calmly turned to Alicia to say, “Hey there’s a spider all flopping around because I hit its web…” and then just carried the desk past said spider with no screaming, crying, running, shuddering… it was like the spider wasn’t there. So I’m not exactly sure what happened (Beth mumbled something about it being far enough away) but I was impressed, at least.

    Beth also picks great shopping snacks, although it might have helped cut down our purchases if we had been smart enough to have snacks BEFORE grocery shopping, or at least during. Instead, we were ravenous the whole time and I, at least, began throwing things in the cart in a vain attempt to satiate my hunger. I’m pretty sure that’s how I ended up with two boxes of Eggo waffles, plus the syrup and margarine that are requisite for waffles (a conundrum which Beth assures me she has blogged on previously). Well it was either the gnawing hunger or the chance to get more Air Miles. I think that trip resulted in like… 1000 bonus Air Miles!


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