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So I was shopping on Broadway today and happened to go into this shoe store. As I am wont to do. And I was perusing the Hush Puppies, one of the clerks said to me, “What makes you ‘bloggable’?” For I was wearing this shirt1.  I laughed.  And then the one said, “What’s a blog?”  and his co-worker said, “You don’t know what a blog is????” and the first guy said, “It’s some kind of website thing, right?” and his co-worker was all, “Yeah. And like some people write lame personal journals and then other people blog about actual stuff that they are like interested in” and then then the first guy was like “‘Blog’ is verb?” and then the second guy was all, “oh yeah, it’s a noun, it’s a verb, it’s everything… <pause, then asks me> What do you blog about?”  Which, you know, is really hard to answer when the words “lame personal journals” has just come out of his mouth.  And so I went with my standard reply of, “I blog about everything except my work.” And then the first guy was like “Are WE going to be on your blog?” and then I was all like, “You are now.”

Clerks in the shoe store on Broadway.  Guy on the left is the one who didn’t know what a blog was. Guy on the right was the one who laughed at guy on the left for not knowing what a blog is.

1Actually, I was wearing that shirt in brown. Because I have two bloggable T-shirts – one from Northern Voice 2007 (purple) and one from NV08 (brown). I just don’t seem to have a photo of the brown one handy and I’m too lazy busy to take one now.

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  • LOL! No, seriously… I don’t usually LITERALLY laugh out loud when I type LOL, but that time I laughed really suddenly and loud. And about 10 people here in this airport lounge gave me a dirty look.

    Yeah well fuck them.

    This is awesome.

    Note to self: If I ever start up my blog again, I’m totally going with the title “lame personal journals.”


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